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    Optim Beta 0.32 Released!
    Many exciting new additions have been added to Optim with the Beta 0.32 release!

    NEW: Import Configuration

    A dedicated Import Configuration category has been added that will display element details, enable/disable element importation, level configuration, and more. Exciting new level and post import options will be added regularly. Stay tuned!

    NEW: Geometry Decimation

    This was a much requested feature from our Beta users! Now on top of being able to create levels of detail for geometry elements, you now have the option to non-destructively decimate (reduce) the base mesh. Quickly lower the total triangle count within your scene to bring up the frames per second.

    NEW: Smart Rule Merge Clustering

    Smart Rule Merging just got a whole lot better! We brewed up a clustering algorithm that actively correlates geometry locations, providing an overall better result. And this is only the beginning. Clustering will be getting smarter, better, and will be available to more reduction methods.

    And more!

    Check out our complete release notes for more details.

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    Theia Interactive is excited to announce that Optim will officially be launching in less than a month!

    Optim will officially launch on November 19th at Autodesk University in Las Vegas. More details regarding the release will be coming in the next few weeks.

    In the meantime we have released a massive update for everyone in the Optim open beta which includes:
    • A completely refreshed UI based around the user experience and feedback.
    • A revised and expanded backend to speed up file processing.
    • And many new features!
    You can find out more information on the Optim website and in our release notes.

    Finally, the development team would like to take this opportunity to thank all the companies and individuals who have been participating in the open beta. Your feedback has been invaluable and we couldn't have made it this far without all of you!

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    Heya Iwjacob,

    Thanks for the kind words!

    As a heads up, we'll be releasing a massive feature & ui update here within the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

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    Guys. This is beautiful. You bring tears to my eyes. Datasmith is a nightmare up til now.

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    Heya Spinaze!

    We have just released a new Optim update, Beta v0.24.10, that has an added option to install the Unreal Engine 4.22 Optim plugin.

    As for the lack of internet connection notifications, this was definitely not intentional. We have addressed this by mentioning it in our Configuring your Unreal Engine for Optim and FAQ documents. We will also be adding in a warning dialog in the next Optim update. Thank you for notifying us of this issue!

    Speaking of documentation, we have overhauled our documentation website. A new design, better navigation, and many more articles have been added. The new documentation site can be found here. We will be adding more documentation week by week.

    And lastly, we appreciate the kind words! Look forward to news about the next large update soon
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    Hello, when I install Optim, I don't see the option for UE4.22 (anymore). Will there be an update soon?

    Furthermore, in my first attempt I couldn't successfully open the plug-in from the editor. It turned out I had to be connected to the internet ( I wasn't). Maybe you can add a warning dialog for this, or mention this in the documentation.

    Good luck with the development, I really see big benefits in your product.

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    Thank you for reaching out Konstantin. We are currently in the process of writing out detailed information about everything Optim related, especially for rules. I've responded to your ticket with more detailed information.

    For those interested, the documentation for Optim can be located here

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    Good day! Please tell me an example of creating rules. Very interested in architectural visualization

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    It was my mistake.
    I was sure I had activated the python plug-in but it wasn't.
    Now everything works fine.

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    Python is active, I followed your guide to install.
    Now I send a ticket to the link you have attached to me.

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    Hello Daniele!

    Optim requires the Python plugin to be enabled in order to function properly. You can find it via Unreal Engine Editor -> Edit -> Plugins -> Scripting -> Python Editor Script Plugin. You can find more information on our Configuring your Unreal Engine project to use Optim documentation page. If you are still experiencing issues, or have any questions, feedback, or feature requests, feel free to send us a ticket at

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    I installed version 0.24.6 of optim on unreal 4.21.2 and opened a project in a unreal studio.
    The plug-in seems to be up and running, I attach the screen's stamp, but if I click on the icon it does nothing.
    Did I do something wrong? should you start right?
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    The open beta is now available for Optim. For more information, head over to

    Since our last update, we've introduced some pretty exciting features. More geometry filters, material previews and reassignment, light intensity options, level configuration, and a whole lot more. You can check out our release notes for more information.

    Every week Optim is improving. New features implemented, bugs squashed, stability improvements put into place, and more. We couldn't have come this far without our Alpha testers who have provided invaluable feedback. Now, we are looking for more feedback during the open beta stage. Sign up, download, and take Optim for a test drive. If anyone has any feature requests and/or feedback, feel free to post here, or send us a ticket at on our Feedback & Support page.

    Datasmith/CAD Support:

    Datasmith is fully supported, and we are improving our CAD support each week.

    New Feature Highlights:

    • Updated rule cards
    • New filters
      • Name
      • Size
      • Triangle Count
      • Metadata
      • Materials
    • New Filter comparators
      • Contains
      • Doesn't contain
      • Starts with
      • Doesn't start with
      • Ends with
      • Doesn't end with
      • Regex (Regular Expression Syntax)

    • Material previews
    • Ability to reassign imported materials to Unreal content browser materials
    • Information page

    • Preview cards now available
    • Normalize, reset and adjust light intensities
    • 100% similar lights grouped into a single card
      • This allows bulk light editing

    Coming soon:
    • More CAD support
    • Data-visualization overhaul
    • GUI performance upgrade
    • Geometry replacement
    • Multi-selection for Material reassignment
    • Post-import light management
    • Re-import support
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    Thanks blackisyto!

    Yes, it's a Python based plugin that is accessed and functions inside of Unreal Engine.

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    Happy New Year everyone!

    There's good news for those interested in the alpha. Over the next few weeks, we will be inviting more users, so stay tuned. For those already in the alpha, thank you for all of the feedback so far!

    We at Theia have been extremely busy over the past few months making Optim even more amazing! The Optim API and GUI have been streamlined. What this means is that feature implementation, updates, and hotfixes will happen much more quickly. In addition to that, it has introduced a massive speed increase across the board. Along with what Optim already sported, we've incorporated some new and exciting features for users to leverage. Lastly, we've made sure to keep user feedback in mind as we redesigned the application workflow and set our internal roadmap.

    If anyone has any features they would love to see included into Optim, feel free to suggest them. We'll check it out!

    New features:
    • Redesigned UI
      • More user friendly
      • First steps to multi-threading taken
      • Added support links
    • Unreal Engine 4.21 Support
    • CAD File Support
      • CATIA, Sketchup, Solidworks tested
      • More CAD options will be available soon
    • Updated Geometry Options
      • Jacketing & Defeaturing (4.21+)
      • Lightmap Resolution Assignments
      • LOD Improvements
      • Merging/Grouping Improvements
    • Updated Rule Options
      • Saving and loading implemented
      • Rule toggle implemented
    • Bright light fix

    Coming soon:
    • Material reassignment
    • Geometry instancing redesign
    • Better (and more) graphs and statistics
    • Dynamic sidebar
    • Settings page
    • Level and lighting options


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