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    Optim Beta 0.32 Released!
    Many exciting new additions have been added to Optim with the Beta 0.32 release!

    NEW: Import Configuration

    A dedicated Import Configuration category has been added that will display element details, enable/disable element importation, level configuration, and more. Exciting new level and post import options will be added regularly. Stay tuned!

    NEW: Geometry Decimation

    This was a much requested feature from our Beta users! Now on top of being able to create levels of detail for geometry elements, you now have the option to non-destructively decimate (reduce) the base mesh. Quickly lower the total triangle count within your scene to bring up the frames per second.

    NEW: Smart Rule Merge Clustering

    Smart Rule Merging just got a whole lot better! We brewed up a clustering algorithm that actively correlates geometry locations, providing an overall better result. And this is only the beginning. Clustering will be getting smarter, better, and will be available to more reduction methods.

    And more!

    Check out our complete release notes for more details.
    Dylan Amos
    Lead Technical Artist | Lead Optim Developer
    Theia Interactive

    Customize and Optimize your Datasmith & CAD files with Optim