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Applying textures to CAD imports, UVs are massively scaled up

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    Back on topic, a ticket has been opened to address the original issue, here:

    If you're affected by this issue, as some have noted in this thread, please vote to get this more visibility.

    Thank you!



      re: BP imports
      pf_breton is the expert, but he has stated that the problem with BP imports right now is that this turned out to be a less than reliable workflow. Until that get's addressed, it would create a lot of headaches for a lot of users if we defaulted to that mode. As soon as that can be shown to be reliable for the complex datasets that people are throwing at UE4, then we can provide the option. Yes, BP import does work in some cases, but it also doesn't work in a lot of other cases and there is no method of predicting this.
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        Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I checked the ticket and it says it still has not been addressed. Is there any way to get an update on this? It has been 2 years now..