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Glossyness in materials

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    Glossyness in materials

    I am relatively new as UE4-user and trying to learn how to use it for architecture. A very typical problem with UE4 seems to be the cartoonish style graphics which usually seems solvable with just choosing our own 3dmodels but it constantly seems to make everything super mega shiny from wood to metal to whatever. I tried to go and check this wood tile material to see if I can make it less shiny but what am I missing? There seems to be no node or value that could help me with this in the blueprints.

    I tried upload an image but it says im limited to 500 kb which wouldnt be enough of a resolution to make my point across..

    Unfortunately with UE4, unless you have very accurate reflections in your scene (through reflection captures) then PBR becomes inaccurate (due to UE4 and its lighting/reflections). You can always change the roughness and specular values in the material to change how shiny they are. Generally its not recommended to touch the specular but sometimes it is necessary.
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