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Static Meshes and Variables

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    Static Meshes and Variables

    So this is more of a general UE4 question, but applies here a bit more heavily, so here goes.

    Quick version of this question is, in what ways can static mesh actors/static meshes have variables?

    I know that we can create blueprints from static meshes, and groups of static meshes in various ways. We can make separate blueprint actors that can contain static mesh components and obviously introduce variables that way. We can also use tags, structures and enums in blueprints etc. All of those are great, but they don't offer the control that I'll need for our current project. This is a bit hard to explain, but I need to "link" an imported static mesh with a variable, or set of variables. This will happen on import through a python script most likely, and we'd need the ability to change it in real time, or at the very least be able to reimport the mesh while retaining all of this.

    The best answer I have is to just make a blueprint with all of this information, but it gets very convoluted, very fast. I don't see it being sustainable when we start talking about blueprints with about a hundred instanced static mesh components with a few hundred instances each. As soon as I start to involve receiving information pertaining to one specific instance of a mesh, the idea starts to break down because its already contained in its own actor.

    If you can't tell, this relates to pulling metadata from CAD parts. We know we can get all of the data, but our software can't go through 3DS Max like what is happening now with datasmith, so that's out at least for the time being.

    I'm still in the theory phase of this, so I haven't worked out any graphs yet. I've been using UE4 for a few years and I know that what I want to do is totally possible, but my brain is throwing up red flags when I start talking about a regular old static mesh having its own variables without being in a master BP.

    Open to any ideas or suggestions.

    I'm going to be one of those people that posted too soon... Turns out 4.20 added a lot more functionality than I was aware of. gg epic! Nice work.


      Yes, I would be surprised if our new metadata features didn't take care of you...
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