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Asset Reimportation into Scene

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    Asset Reimportation into Scene

    Importing a vehicle into UE4 using datasmith is a very lengthy process. I typically start the process before leaving for the day and sometimes it is not finished when I come back to work in the morning, (to put it into perspective). I am working on a professional design station, so it isn't a hardware issue, but simply the size and complexity of an entire vehicle import.

    My issue is this. I am trying to create real time renders for marketing with the vehicle rendered in different scenes, in different colors, with possibly different coloration strategies. The problem is that I have yet to find a way to bring the data smith import BACK into my scene or into a new scene.

    For example> I start a new project. I import the vehicle into EU4 using data smith. Import was successful. Now, I create another level to prepare a second scene/environment for the render, but I am unable to bring the already imported vehicle into the level. I can bring the individual static meshes in, but many are not assembled correctly and are missing material information. UE4 is not a CAD system so there is no way to reassemble the static meshes properly, nor do I have the time to assemble 6,500+ static meshes that are misplaced or missing material info. Completing a new import is too lengthy as I lose an entire day or more doing this.

    I am sure I am missing something obvious, so would be very appreciative if someone could tell me how to bring an already imported Datasmith asset back into a level/scene or into a new level.

    Aaron Hill
    Design Engineer Sr -MSME
    Wacker Neuson Corporation

    ThomasC_Epic Perhaps Thomas has some suggestions to help you, or marie-claude
    Sr. Product Manager
    Epic Games


      Update to 4.20 and drag and drop the DS asset in a new level will work.
      Pierre-Felix Breton

      Sr Technical Product Designer AEC, Unreal Engine
      Epic Games - LinkedIn