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Missing EditorScriptingUtilities plugin in 4.20

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    Missing EditorScriptingUtilities plugin in 4.20

    Heya enterprise devteam !

    I've tried to find the EditorScriptingUtilities experimental plugin in 4.20 but couldn't find it anywhere in the engine content ? It used to be in "Epic Games\UE_4.19\Enterprise\Plugins\Experimental" which has disappeared in 4.20 (only the C++ classes show, there used to be a folder with blueprint samples, materials, etc...)

    I also tried to import the PythonExamples stuff shown in but the howto is a bit vague... I've tried a lot of folder hierarchy configurations, on 4.19 and 4.20, but couldn't get the assets to show in UE4's editor correctly.

    Would be nice to have at least the EditorScriptingUtilities back in studio, as a lot of our optimization workflow resides in these scripts.

    Cheers !

    EDIT : also ready any of the .py files in the PythonExamples just returns me an invalid syntax error (<string>, line 1) ?
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    Antoine Guillo, FR
    Virtual Reality Designer

    marie-claude might know what is going on
    Sr. Product Manager
    Epic Games


      Hi there ,

      The plugin is now part of the engine therefore no longer restricted to Studio users
      You can now find the EditorScriptingUtilities experimental plugin in 4.20 here:

      If you go to the plugin browser tab (In Unreal edit menu)
      Type "python" in search
      Enable the plugin and restart now .

      Click image for larger version

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      The content folder will no longer be there but it's a copy of what you will find here:

      You can manually add it to your project.

      Just make sure that your paths are defined.
      Base_folder and Destination .

      We are working on improving our documentation , stay tuned

      Hope this help

      let me know

      Marie-Claude Jutras
      Product Specialist LinkedIn
      Unreal Studio
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      Studio Release Notes


        Hey Marie-Claude and Kenpimentel, thanks for chiming in !

        I've already enabled the python tools, what I'm getting trouble with is importing the unreal assets (and opening .py scripts in the editor).
        When you say define your paths, are these python paths ? What are these Base_folder and Destination folders you refer to ? I'm new to python coding and have absolutely no clue on how to set this up..

        For the .ueassets files you shared, what folder hierarchy would I need to make from the "Content" folder of my project ?
        Antoine Guillo, FR
        Virtual Reality Designer


          I did some research and you are right .

          The import Datasmith Python example needed to be updated.
          I did , you can try it .

          All the path inside the script will not work for you .
          You need to open the script and update all path relative to your environment.

          Here's an example :
          My PythonExample.udatasmith scene is located here :
          So this is the path i will use for datasmith_file = D:\Unreal_project....\...\..

          If you look at line at line 33 inside the script.
          you'll find --> destination_folder = "/Game/PythonExample"
          This is the content folder in your content browser.
          This is the place you want your scene to be imported.

          Once you made sure all your path are the right one , make sure you save your script.
          Try to execute python script in Unreal.

          Should be good

          Marie-Claude Jutras
          Product Specialist LinkedIn
          Unreal Studio
          Report Issue Here
          Studio Release Notes


            When I place the folder (using windows explorer) in the content folder, it doesn't show up in the UE4 Content Browser. Am I supposed to see these assets in the content browser after restarting the project? Can I ask someone to help me understand what I'm missing?


              The assets you see in that folder are Datasmith file assets, not assets. That project is a Datasmith file you need to import in unreal either the Datasmith plugin.

              the py script shows how to automate the import process
              Pierre-Felix Breton

              Sr Technical Product Designer AEC, Unreal Engine
              Epic Games - LinkedIn


                Originally posted by marie-claude View Post
                Should be good

                It works ! And your folder path also allowed me to finally use the unreal assets available in the file, which was kinda what I wanted in the beginning

                The correct folder structure for the unreal assets provided is "ProjectName/Content/PythonExample/" and you have to drop the folders contained in "Unreal Studio Examples" right here.

                Off to test out all these scripts and rebuild my own tools, thanks a lot Marie-Claude !
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                Antoine Guillo, FR
                Virtual Reality Designer