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Unreal studio for blender?

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    Edit: Oooops it looks like the info was already posted. My bad.

    Andres Bolero is developing an addon:

    There is a download link in the text under the vid. I used it for the first time yesterday on 2.8 and it works fine. I cant figure out how to export only selected or visible items from the Blender scene yet but for the rest it is working.

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      Originally posted by kenpimentel View Post
      The developer is delayed on working on this, he hasn't given me an ETA as to when it will be available. We've provided him with the Datasmith APIs, so we're hoping we'll see something soon. He's done some experiments already.
      I think you should support him with more than just APIs. This is a clear cut Epic Megagrant funding receiver if I ever saw one. Everyone will benefit from this.

      Originally posted by 0xAFBF View Post
      Hey MabatimPS: If you feel like supporting the project right now, you can support me on Patreon, I would be deeply thankful for that. You can find more info in the project readme at
      Thank you for doing this, it's super impressive. Please submit your work to the Epic Megagrants. I don't see how the Fortnite money they're so desperate to spend could be better used!


        Just want to add my support for blender + unreal engine support also ... I started using blender 2.8 about 6 months ago and I almost never open Maya anymore .... blender is a game changer once you spend a few weeks using it. I am going to use blender anyway even without the ability to export scenes like you can in cinema 3d now. I can put models and pbr textures together faster with blender than I can with Maya so no going back now. Thanks unreal for the massive cash grant to blender ! To the future.


          I saw that there hasn't been much development lately in the repository that his Youtube video linked to. Is this project still being worked on by him (in a different repository perhaps?), has the Unreal dev team (or Blender Foundation, after the grant) taken over with its development, or has it died? I'm still really interested in using this. Any updates on this project whatsoever?
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