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    I would strongly suggest some workflow improvements for partial updates. Unless I'm being really dense and I'm missing something very obvious, when you make changes only to a few elements on the model you need to export the entire datasmith file again (which can take north of 15 minutes for really large projects)

    The only way I found of speeding up that process is by splitting the model into several datasmith files, which is definitively not ideal and rather error prone if you're not extremely meticulous.

    That makes it really difficult to work with datasmith when iterating on the project design, something that is very fast and straightforward with Lumion and (to a slightly lesser extent) TwinMotion.


      Compliments for the way Datasmith evolved over the years. I tested it in the beginning but it didn't work for me at that time and I stuck to a fbx workflow. Its much better now.

      Requests for SketchUp;
      - export selected
      - reuse the groups names from SketchUp for the geometries in UE so you can use the names (filter contains) in the actions when using dataprep. At the moment nicely named objects in SketchUp are converted to group_1 group_2 etc.
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