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    [REQUEST] Remove unused content from the library


    I have purchased some stuff i dont need it again, but i cant delete it

    How can i permanent remove in the Launcher Library -> unused content?

    I got so much stuff and all the unused, i dont want to see or use it in the future time.

    "Inventory UI with UMG"

    How can i delte this completly from the list?
    I never need this anymore!
    Have allready removed it from my project, but the option exist allready

    **German language:**
    Wie kann ich in der Bibliothek dauerhaft die alten Sachen aus dem Depot löschen?

    Thank you for all informations!

    +1 for this.

    After adding random asset packages and using only 1-2 assets (out of ~50 from each one), I'd love the option to just remove everything without dependencies.


      Mmmm, yeah... I ditto this. Like the Skookum (sp?) plug-in.


        push this thread


          You never know when you may need restore or update an item you've spent money on. I would prefer the option to 'Hide' items on separate page I don't want to see in my Library Vault instead of a permanent removal.
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            Please can we get something like this. Free content should have a "delete" option (since it is free and can always be added again if needed) and paid content should have a "hide" option.


              I agree! At least a Hide function would be very welcome to better organize our vault...


                Or how about folders in our vault?