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DataTracker for Unreal Engine 4 + interactive In-Game Displays

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    [RELEASED] DataTracker for Unreal Engine 4 + interactive In-Game Displays

    Try the dark theme! °^

    Create your own Signals from and within your Game

    + Interactive In-Game Displays

    * Acquire Data
    * Create and Process your custom Signals
    * Get basic real-time Statistics
    * Visualize the Signals and Metrics
    * In-game Interaction with the Data and Visualization
    * Export for further Analysis

    • Blueprint and C++ (via static function library)
    • Everything is directly usable within the game
    • Raw data acquisition
    • In-game signal-processing
    • Meaningful descriptive statistics of the sample sets
    • Optimized real-time performance
    • Offline/standalone algorithms
    • Fully customizable plugin with additional example level
    • Export raw signal data and descriptive statistics
    • Dynamic session continuation
    • Fully open and transparent methods
    • Well- and coherently commented
    • Preset interactive visual in-game Displays with the new Unreal 3D Widget Interaction
    What can it be used for?
    * Fast implementation of custom measurements
    * Especially for continuous time-varying signals
    * Fast visual tracking of game element behavior
    * Dynamic mapping to in-game elements
    * Complex standalone balancing systems
    * Score / performance calculation and visualization
    * For QA or research projects
    * Educational purposes
    * Measuring Behavior Patterns
    * or ecological environment simulation e.g. predator-prey relations
    (as suggested by a user)
    . . .

    Screenshots and Video
    Level Overview
    Graph Display 1
    Graph Display 2
    Graph Control Panel
    Low Res Display
    Info Board
    Update Dataset
    Metrics and Statistics

    See the full list:
    (might slightly change in the future)
    Interactive Displays
    [Matrix Display]
    |-> Shows basic descriptive Statistics in a table

    [Graph Display]
    |-> Signal Display
    | |
    | | -> Shows the Signals
    | | -> Regression/Trend Lines
    |-> Distribution Display
    | -> Histogram with all samples
    | (normalized for each sample set)
    | for a visual representation of the sample set
    | -> Normal Distribution (an approximation of
    | a normal gauss curve on the sample set)
    | -> Median
    | -> Standardized Regression Slope /
    Standardized Trendline
    With the help of the internal Unreal Engine 3D Widget Raycast
    System are the displays out-of-the-box ready for an In-Game Interaction.
    The 3D Widget Interaction System is currently in experimental state and features might substantially change or improve in the future!
    Step 1:
    Install the plugin over the marketplace or copy the plugin folder into the project folder.

    Step 2:
    Drag the DataTracker Class into your level.

    Step 3:
    Choose which statistics you want to measure and send each variable into an UpdateDataset Node.
    If that dataset doesn't exist, a new one is created under the given name.
    Use Save (maybe add a SetDatatrackerFileDirectory Node) or a Load Nodes if desired, to create and restore persistent data.
    See the DataTracker_Showcase Actor for the available functions.

    Step 4:
    Tell the Widgets (WBP) and the 3D VR-Ready Widgets (BP) in their event graphs, which signals you want to display and set widget preferences there, like the resolution in dpcm.
    By giving the name of a Dataset, the widgets will start to display the corresponding samples.
    Though interaction possibilities are provided with the 3D widgets, the VR-Ready 3D widgets have received an update in Unreal v4.13 and we want to note that its functions are still experimental!

    Step 5:
    Have fun.

    • Data: Raw Data is saved in common .csv file-format to allow additional data processing. But because everything is open, everything can be customized to own needs.
    A short note on the maximum sampling frequency:
    • Statistic APIs: The plugin should be fully compatible with APIs of other analytics providers
    • Platform: Win64, Win32 // Unreal Engine 4.13 - 4.20+
    ExampleMap Download

    here (52 MB)
    If you are a student with no money, or you simply want to do something awesome
    with our plugin, feel free to get in contact with us and we will figure something out

    Thauros-Development ✧@✧
    (We might be available for freelance)

    Last edited by LeeFX; 04-16-2019, 01:41 PM.

    Today is our official release! If you experience any bugs please PM us!
    Happy experimenting!


      Good evening, I recently downloaded DataTracker from the EPIC Games store.

      I would like to use your plugin in UE4.16, but the sample project opens with errors ...
      Where can I find the DataTracker_Showcase Actor for see the available functions?
      How can I unload data from a UE into a csv file? I need an example
      Help me please.


        I am also trying to load up your example project in 4.17 along with the BCI plugin but neither seems to run so well even though you have it listed as compatible in the marketplace with 4.17


          the example-project is now updated for UE4.17 and should work without errors.

          The DataTracker_ShowcaseActor is found inside the plugin-folder in the content-browser. Make sure to set Plugin-Content as visible.
          Here is also an example of saving and loading data which happens in csv.-format naturally.