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    Kia ora
    [MENTION=292948]Soviet03[/MENTION] Did you change the splatmap and normal map to suit you landscape. I also got a totally black landscape but had to learn that after adding the splatmap for my ladscape, painting the base layer over the whole map I was able to paint the top layer over everything and it painted out correctly mask by my splatmap


      [MENTION=38305]Kiwi-Hawk[/MENTION] I did see the splat map and removed it but I have no idea how I would generate one on my own, I haven't dealt with the normal yet either. I'll get around to performing both of those tasks but A few concerns remain such as if I paint a little snow in one small area it tints the whole tile slightly snowy (talking about the landscape 4 assets), Also in some areas when walking on foot I can see cracks or open seams in the terrain where the tessellation is in action, but only in a few areas/tiles. Are these all a result of me lacking a splat map/not addressing the normal map?

      PS: Is there a relatively trivial way to generate/create a splat map for my world or does it just have to be done by hand and how do I get an image of my map? Thanks again, you guys are the best I couldn't learn without you folks.
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        [MENTION=501141]Soviet[/MENTION] most use something like World Machine BUT that said the number 8 wire fix Sorry Kiwi expression) is to load the grey scale Heightmap into photoshop or Gimp and colour pic shade ranges that you want for each colour for example the blacker ranges you copy paste into the say blue channel greys-ish (grass area's) copy paste into the green channel and the whites into the red channel. this Aussie might help more than me lol

        Hope it's of use, happy to help if I can also. I have World Machine and world Creator
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          @kiwi-Hawk That information helps a lot thanks! I'm now shifting my focus to the grass, it shows some extreme shader complexity, is that normal and par for the course?
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              [MENTION=292948]Soviet03[/MENTION] I'm thinking [MENTION=831]Maxim[/MENTION]um would be a better person to help there I am but a novice and have brought Max many a head ache trying to figure these out too lol.

              I knew of the splatmap because it's the only way at this point I can get a landscape looking close to good


                Any new word on this pack?
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