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    I liked your Pack , i want to ask is there any update like future add for example
    1- pick object and throw
    2- climb ladder
    3- interact door open door by drag mouse open and close
    4- save and load
    5- lean left and right.

    I hope to see all in this ISP Library , cause this ISP easy to use


      Thank you DropFrameFace.

      Sure, we are planning to add more features. In fact, new features will be on the next update, and will be free for those who purchased ISP, of course, like a new improved inventory (there you can use items, examine, even combine) and a few more features. Abut the specific you pointed, some of them will be in the future, but I am not unable to tell to you exactly when:

      1- Pick object and throw should not be very difficult to implement from inspect.
      2- The problem with climbing are the animations, specially third person character. I think this is hard to implement that does look cool.
      3- I really not a fan of this. Yeah, is very nice... the first time. But once you open lots of doors and wardrobes, man, I feel tired. So maybe, since should not be very difficult to implement
      4- Definatelly its a must. Actually just options are saved, but I will implement a save/continue, since I really needed it to my game too!
      5- Its cool, probably could be done in a minutes, so yes.

      Besides I want to implement a third person control with mouse cursor and click.

      So I think is a nice feature list.



        What's about the 4.14 version, or does current work anyway ?
        Would buy it if's compatible
        Andy Probst
        Head of R&D / VR - Meilenstein Digital GmbH


          Hi adyxor, yes, its fully compatible with 4.14


            Thanks for this , i have one quistion i saw video in your channel , how to make door open like re7 , if player face door it will open if he front door or rear ( back ) here this example in 11:44
            Games developer ( Mystery : Curiosity and seek the truth )
            Planing to Remake Mystery with new story and make it better and better


              How is update 2 coming along?

              Any feature list or preview videos?



                Yeah, looking forward to update 2 as well.