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    Originally posted by Jujaswe View Post

    This is mentioned in the documentation. Just go to Project Settings -> Crowd Manager -> and set Max Agents value to something higher. By default, it's set to 50.
    Jujaswe, i have tried what you mentioned, and i have raised the max agents to 2000 (Arround the ammount of agents that i pretend to have.) but the frame drop (20+FPS) is still happening.



      Hello I've sent various updated emails the past week requesting help with sight trigger while hiding issue.

      Thank you.


        Jujaswe So I created a NPC with AI behavior of a Sheriff. So if the civilians are being attacked they send messages nearby and Sheriff NPCs nearby receive the message and respond by attacking the character attacking the civilians. It works well in a normal level. But it doesn't work properly in World Composition levels for some reasons. The Sherrif NPC AI are sometimes triggered for some reason and attacks the player without any reason. They suppose to attack the player ONLY if the civilians are being attacked. Do you have any idea why that happens and what needs to be done in World Composition levels? By the way, I'm running UE 4.23.1.
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          There seems to be a small inconvenience in the asset:

          Suppose you have player1 distance from npc = 100
          Suppose you have player2 distance from npc = 120
          Player2 attacks the npc, however NPC will target player1 because distance is closer.

          any fix for this? that.. well, the npc targets the player that hits him?

          I mean.. I know this seems to be intended.. would be good to have an update that kind of have this added

          2. I've noticed that when I have one player (game is multiplayer, network) the WithinDistanceTrigger works fine.. the npc targets my user
          however, when two players are online, the npc gets kind of stucked switching behaviors or at least I noticed that... basically it wont target any user, unless both are close and then it picks one
          update: I believe the BeyondDistanceTrigger is the problem.. for smoe reason it takes into cnosideration ALL actors, instead of only the one being targeted.
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