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Controlysis - Generic controller support in UE4

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  • [RELEASED] Controlysis - Generic controller support in UE4

    Generic controller support! Poll any standard USB controller, including DirectInput-only devices.

    Click image for larger version

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    Available now on the marketplace!

    It's a common complaint that there isn't any good way to use non-xinput controllers with UE4, now you can! This opens up the possiblity of making flight/racing/mech simulator type games that need complex control systems without needing to touch any code.
    Controlysis is also much simpler to use than how people usually go about doing this -- just enable the plugin and you can poll controllers from any blueprint. No classes to inherit or actors to place.
    There is a long feature roadmap I have in mind including a system for per player configuration, hotswap-aware button prompts, getting it to work with Linux, etc. It will be fun to make and hopefully useful for many.

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    Hi, I purchased this today, but how do I load it? Many thanks in advance

    3D Studio


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      Marketplace should install it as an Engine Plugin. All you need to do is enable the plugin in your plugins menu. You should then see the blueprint nodes become available, and the UMG diagnostic panel appear in the Content Browser.


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        Originally posted by btengelh View Post
        Hi - what's up with 4.17?
        It should be out according to the Market place page


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          Hi. This looks like a really nice plugin. But what is the status of making it work with Linux? Linux support is critical to us, and an immediate need. Thanks.