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    Ah ok, Ill keep an eye on this thread for the pre-built versions as I am not really a coder thanks Koderz

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    For now you'll have to have source in the project as you'll need the engine to build it (Soon I'll add prebuilt versions) but it can be a dummy class just enough to force the engine to build it. If you want to use it from C++, you'll have to include "RuntimeMeshComponent" and if you want to use the extended API you'll also have to include "ShaderCore", "RenderCore", "RHI" as well.

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    Hey, Thanks for the heads up - it looks like it might be exactly what im looking for! problem though, I copied the release into the plugins folder - and it says there are missing components?



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    This looks a really interesting and useful tool, nice work!

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    Great component here! I've been testing it for some time now and it addresses pretty much all the issues I've been having with the standard PMC.

    I will soon update my mesh examples over to using this and already using it exclusively in my work.

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  • started a topic [SUPPORT] Runtime Mesh Component

    Runtime Mesh Component

    Runtime Mesh Component

    Version 3.2 available on GitHub! Coming to Marketplace soon with full 4.17-4.20 support!

    The RuntimeMeshComponent, or RMC for short, is a component designed specifically to support rendering and collision on meshes generated at runtime. This could be anything from voxel engines like Minecraft, to custom model viewers, or just supporting loading user models for things like modding. It has numerous different features to support most of the normal rendering needs of a game, as well as ability to support both static collision for things such as terrain, as well as dynamic collision for things that need to be able to move and bounce around!

    Now, the RMC is very similar in purpose to the ProceduralMeshComponent or CustomMeshComponent currently found in UE4, but it far surpasses both in features, and efficiency! It on average uses half the memory of the ProceduralMeshComponent, while also being more efficient to render, and far faster to update mesh data. This is shown by the ability to update a 600k+ vertex mesh in real time! The RMC is also nearly 100% compatible with the ProceduralMeshComponent, while adding many features above what the PMC offers.

    Please Consider Supporting the RMC's development! Donations will be counted towards a pre-purchase of the upcoming Extended RMC.

    More info can be found here:!

    Current list of features in the RMC
    • Full support for async collision cooking (See below for a known problem with UE4 regarding this)
    • Brand new normal/tangent calculation utility that is several orders of magnitude faster
    • Up to 8 UV channels
    • High precision normals support
    • Collision only mesh sections.
    • Tessellation support
    • Navigation mesh support
    • Fully configurable vertex structure
    • Ability to save individual sections or the entire RMC to disk
    • RMC <-> StaticMesHComponent conversions. SMC -> RMC at runtime or in editor. RMC -> SMC in editor.
    • Static render path for meshes that don't update frequently, this provides a slightly faster rendering performance.
    • 70%+ memory reduction over the ProceduralMeshComponent and CustomMeshComponent
    • Visibility and shadowing are configurable per section.
    • Separate vertex positions for cases of only needing to update the position.
    • Collision has lower overhead compared to ProceduralMeshComponent

    ** The RMC fully supports the cooking speed improvements of UE4.14 and UE4.17 including async cooking. As of right now, the RMC is forced to always use async cooking in a shipping build due to an engine bug which I've submitted a fix to Epic for

    Some requested features that I'm looking into: (These aren't guaranteed to be added)
    • LOD (Probably with dithering support)
    • Dithered transitions for mesh updates
    • Instancing support (Probably ISMC style unless there's enough demand for HISMC style support)
    • Mesh replication

    Supported Engine Versions:
    v1.2 supports engine versions 4.10+
    v2.0 supports engine versions 4.12+
    v3.0 supports engine versions 4.17+

    The Runtime Mesh Component should support all UE4 platforms.
    Collision MAY NOT be available on some platforms (HTML5)

    Tested Platforms:
    Windows, Linux, HTML5
    (Also tested with HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift)





    640k vertex animated mesh! (Not great quality gif)

    Convex collision support for movable objects!

    Same familiar API as PMC from Blueprints!

    New Simpler to use API from C++! (Still supports the PMC style API as well!)
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