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    [SUBMITTED] Asphalt Road Materials

    hey guys,

    I've been working on creating Asphalt materials,

    Click image for larger version

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    Video demo (previous version):

    Out in Marketplace!

    Contain 12 asphalt materials that can be used to create various types of roads and a city.
    Different material can blend together to give you the look that you desire, as well as textures.
    Two landscapes materials are included. One has been set up already with 9 different textures to blend in, Second one can be used to blend any textures you like.
    Included are: Overview map, 15 Materials (1 Master + 12 Instance + 2 Landscape Materials)

    For detailed images visit:!...E8ABB996B8802E

    Technical Details:
    15 Materials
    60 Textures
    Textures are 2048x2048
    Each material contains Diffuse, Height, Specular, Ambient Occlusion and Normal map.

    Designed & Tested on Window PC

    Let me know if you have any questions,
    Thank you,
    Si Thu
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    Asphalt Road Materials

    Do you have better screen shots of the cracked materials that start at 1:00 in the movie (that one and the next)?
    It looks to me as if the normal map is not "selling" the indenting of the cracks, but that may very well be YouTube compression artifacts.


      New screenshots are uploaded in onedrive folder called "specifics".
      Actually in the pictures it give the feel of 'dent'. however they are flat on macro inspection. I'm working on new update which will create some bump in those materials that required. (Please bear in mind, making a realistic bump_offset/Parallax_Occlusion_Mapping is quite expensive, complex and inefficient for what the material is designed to do). So I won't be adding it to all the materials, but at present stage, player can feel the 'dent' already.

      However, I've tested on FPS and 3rd Person view and atm they give a pretty good feeling of dent.
      Videos is being uploaded showing the look on third person & first person view.

      meanwhile, stay tune for future notifications,
      and let me know if you have any questions.
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      Asphalt Road Materials


        Just an update, creating bump in the materials has been completed. The feature will be available in next update. Please note that the bump is very subtle, and also note that, "bump will not be seen if the player/camera is parallel to the surface that has bump offset applied to" - unreal doc, because Parallax Occlusion Mapping is basically an illusion that trick the eyes to see the depth of material.
        Asphalt Road Materials


          A new update is coming soon to the marketplace.
          Update log:
          • 12 Instance Materials added, allowing you to create tons of variations from just a single materials.

          Instance Material parameters includes:
          • metallicity, roughness, specularity, texture scale, bumpiness, and ability to swap/combine with any textures from the content browser.

          Click image for larger version

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          Asphalt Road Materials


            Originally posted by Si Thu View Post
            Textures are 2592x2592
            Each material contains diffuse, height, specular and normal map.

            i'm a little puzzled here. these aren't power of two textures? would it mean there would be no mipmapping?
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              They should be definitely resized to 2048x2048. Otherwise everybody will complain.
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                Features are still being add up as time go, and that is already one of the work-in progress, and others such as
                - Texture overlay pattern, Rust, Snow, Rain ripples are also coming up sometime in the future. As well as the ability to change to these pattern through trigger events.

                And for the texture size, thank you for your advice, not only it'll be better in terms of texture display and compatability, but also will reduce the file size of it, and the packaging size. I'll work on it.
                Asphalt Road Materials



                  New Features Coming in Update 1 includes:
                  • Textures size are re-sampled to 2048x2048
                  • Textures streaming is used, and Textures LOD bias can be adjusted in Texture Editor, allowing them to be even used for mobile. (Each textures contain 12 mips, except for Height Maps)
                    Also, when applying these Material Instances to your Static Meshes, you can alternatively adjust 'Streaming Distance Multiplier' in Static Mesh Detail Panel.
                    Or & As well, within the material instance, you have the ability adjust 'Mip distance'.
                  • Now Comes with ONE Master material, and 12 Material Instances
                  • Each Material now includes Diffuse, Normal, Height, Specular, Ambient Occlusion Map
                  • Through Material Instance, you are able to control properties such as, Diffuse Colour, Bump, Metallicity, Roughness, Specularity, Scale, Mip Distance, Texture Overriding.

                  Small Changes:
                  • - Master Material have been updated from the initial release.
                    - All Normal Maps have been regenerated to give realistic look.
                    - You now have absolute control over Dent/Bump size of materials.
                    - Package size reduced by ~23%

                  Click image for larger version

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                  *Update is coming to Marketplace soon.

                  Work-in process:
                  - Different Texture overlay pattern such as Rust, Snow, Rain ripples. And the ability to change to these pattern through trigger events.
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                  Asphalt Road Materials