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  • started a poll ODIN Tracker | Plugin

    ODIN Tracker | Plugin

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    Use this plugin (personal use only)
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    <------- Be sure to upvote this post after voting on the poll if you're interested in this product as it would really help us out :thumbsup:

    Originally posted by benjamin.smith View Post

    Get it while it’s hot ODIN Tracker 0.2 has been released!



    Hey guys,
    I'm proud to present to you something we've been working on for the last couple of months called ODIN Tracker

    We hope you enjoy the read and we would love to hear your feedback (if any) either here on the forums or via one of our various methods of contact listed below.


    ODIN Tracker is a UE4 Plugin that greatly increases workflow efficiency in-editor when it comes to using both Source Control and Project Management Software/Services i.e. a tool that does the job quickly and hopefully annoyance-free as to allow an artist, designer or other to get back to what he/she does best, which is to create magic

    After all,
    Both you and they don’t really want to be paid to fiddle around with Source Control and Project Management Software/Services any longer than is absolutely necessary…

    Product Summary

    The ODIN Tracker UE4 Plugin has the following sub-modules:
    • Task Tracker (JIRA, GitHub, Trello, etc.)
    • Capture Tool (Image/GIF/Video + entire Blueprint capture and post-capture editing tools).
    • Time Tracker (Tracker/Logger + Timesheets with upload to JIRA/Other).
    • Settings + Custom Templates and Workflow Builder Back-End.

    We have plans for both an Offline Mode which will be partially completed in the 1.0 release with the remaining features being added in 1.1 through to 2.x and features to support running the plugin at run-time within your game for QA and Alpha/Beta Testers to have access to with included granular permission settings to manage QA, Private, and Public Alpha/Beta Tester submission access rights.

    We are also looking at supporting a 3D Space Issue/Task placement with the UE4 Editor Viewport that would include:
    • Sign/Marker with text (In-Viewport + Runtime).
    • Area/Volume Marker (In-Viewport + Editor PanelTab + Runtime) e.g. build house/car park/shopping mall within this grid space.
    • Tag to object (In-Viewport + Editor PanelTab) e.g. “This tagged [ISSUE-KEY] mesh has a broken collision volume.”

    ETA on this feature is uncertain at this stage but some elements of this feature set will most likely make their way into somewhere between 1.0 through to 2.0

    Estimated Release Date

    • Alpha Released on the UE4 Marketplace = Feburary 2017
    • Beta Released on the UE4 Marketplace = Late Q2 2017
    • v1.0 Released on the UE4 Marketplace = TBD

    Estimated Price

    • Basic Functionality = FREE
    • Advanced Functionality (v1.0 Price) = $75 USD per-user (one-time payment for all updates included in the 1.x release)
    • Enterprise Functionality = TBD
    • Premium Support = TBD

    Pricing Breakdown
    • ALL-IN-1 PRICE = Alpha ($50) -> Beta ($62.50) -> v1.0 ($75)

    Add-ons Purchased Separately
    • ODIN Core = FREE!
    • ODIN Capture = Alpha ($10) -> Beta ($12.50) -> v1.0 ($15)
    • ODIN Tasks = Alpha ($20) -> Beta ($25) -> v1.0 ($30)
    • ODIN Time = Alpha ($5) -> Beta ($7.50) -> v1.0 ($10)
    • ODIN QA = Alpha ($15) -> Beta ($17.50) -> v1.0 ($20)


    If you have any Questions, Comments, Bug reports or feature requests for this plugin, or you wish to contact us in general then feel free to email us at / or join our official Discord server at

    We have also setup up a JIRA Service Desk:


    Feel free to Like, Follow, and Subscribe on our various social networks:

    Which should become rather active leading up to the ODIN Tracker's release date (TBD).
    Last edited by BenjaminDSmithy; 08-07-2017, 11:58 AM. Reason: Added new 3rd-Party video tutorial made by Medel Design.

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    I just downloaded the plugin but unfortunately this require to build project files with Visual Studio. My project isn't a c++ project. This plugin don't work with UE 4.21 ... Any suggestions please ?

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  • replied
    This current version (0.2), should it be working somehow with engines 4.17 and 4.18? Thank you.

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  • replied
    Check out this video tutorial Medel Design made on how to install & use ODIN Tracker’s Hi-Res UE4 BP Capture feature

    You can follow Medel Design on Facebook & Twitter for more game dev related content.

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  • replied
    Just an update on where things stand

    Both [MENTION=1485]Richmar1[/MENTION] and myself have been tied up with client contract work (gotta pay the bills somehow) and until we can get on top of that, ODIN Tracker development has to take a back-seat for a week or so

    The upcoming v0.3 release is looking to be quite feature packed and this is why we've decided to start rolling out some of our paid features with this upcoming release.

    Our hopes are that during these pre-1.0 days of development we can generate enough sales to allow us to consistently work on ODIN Tracker at least part time and provide a more coherent release schedule every 2-4 weeks for everyone.

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  • replied
    For those who aren't following us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram I'd just like to let you all know to:

    Brace Yourselves ODIN Tracker v0.3 RC1 is Coming...

    Come join our Discord server & help us test it out ������

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  • replied
    My bad I just realized I forgot to add .7z to the end of the website download links (fixed now).

    Originally posted by The_Mec_666 View Post
    This is one of the best plugins out for UE4!
    I highly Recommend this plugin for anybody dealing with blueprints!
    Glad you liked @The_Mec_666
    We've put a lot of time, sweat, and tears into making our first major release as polished and feature packed as we can.
    Future updates should come more frequently and we have some pretty cool surprises in store for you all in v0.3 and v0.4

    Originally posted by MosFett View Post
    That is really nice. I would have used this instead of using the snippet tool and paint to show some of my work on my dev blog. Also I would be interested to see how well the video capture works as well. Keep up the good work
    @MosFett We plan to offer a transparent background capture option for Blueprint, Material, etc Editors which might come in handy for future blog posts of yours (also works great with PDFs / PowerPoints).

    As for Video Capture, you can expect to be seeing the 1st pass of that feature as soon as v0.3 (part of paid portion of ODIN:Capture add-on).

    In the meantime feel free to test out ODIN Tracker and the ODIN:Capture part of the plugin as some elements are and will remain FREE!

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  • replied
    [0.2 release]

    Get it while it’s hot ODIN Tracker 0.2 has been released!

    Attached Files

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  • replied
    That is really nice. I would have used this instead of using the snippet tool and paint to show some of my work on my dev blog. Also I would be interested to see how well the video capture works as well. Keep up the good work

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  • replied
    This is one of the best plugins out for UE4!
    I highly Recommend this plugin for anybody dealing with blueprints!

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  • replied
    ODIN Tracker 0.2 - Release Candidate 1

    We're proud to announce that ODIN Tracker 0.2 - Release Candidate 1 has been released into the wild


    Current Release known missing features and bugs:

    - [MISSING] Screen Capture (Video / GIF) (planned for 0.3)
    - [MISSING] Blueprint Capture option within ComboButton dropdown with multi-Blueprint viewport detect & select feature within the menu (can still capture Blueprints via Capture Screenshot + Ctrl & selecting Blueprint Viewport).

    - [MISSING] zoom slider.
    - [MISSING] in-editor edit file output name i.e. save as (normal save button opens Windows Explorer Save As window for the time being).
    - [MISSING] modifier add (callout, crop, magnify, text) selection not included (text may make it into 0.2_rc2).
    - [BUG] modifier stack scroll function buttons (up, down, bin) clips when adding an 8th item to the stack.
    - [BUG] capture of Blueprint results in high-contrast output of the Blueprint background grid (still passable to read nodes though).

    - [MISSING] all end-user accessible settings (a lot of these are half-baked as of writing this and unlikely to make it into 0.2, expect to see at least some finished by 0.3)

    Feedback & Support:
    - [MISSING] Feedback form non-functional (planned for 0.2_rc2), in the meantime please use Discord and/or
    - [MISSING] Support form not included as currently planned as a paid feature with SLA support offered that will be bundled with purchases of the ODIN:Pro Bundle (1.0 price = $75 USD & current Alpha planned price = $50 USD)
    Last edited by BenjaminDSmithy; 02-09-2017, 11:29 AM. Reason: Added known bugs and missing features for current build.

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  • replied
    Release update

    UPDATE: there have been some minor delays due to Richard (a colleague and the lead programmer) dealing with moving houses which has taken longer than expected.

    While we're happy to release the final 0.2 build with bugs, there were a few which we considered showstoppers in regards to breaking core functionality of the ODIN:Capture module and making a lot of it useless (we can't have that can we?).

    So here's the list of bug fixes since our last announcement with a few more fixes to come tomorrow than release hopefully before the weekend.

    ODIN-79 | Fixed Modifier Panel TrashCan Button. It Now Works Properly
    ODIN-80 | Fixed Modifier Panel Selection And Check Boxes Not Working
    ODIN-81 | Fixed Capture Window Filling With Red When No Image Is Loaded
    ODIN-82 | Fixed Post-Capture Menubar Icon Rendering And Layout Issues
    ODIN-83 | Fixed Widget Layout Issues For Modifier Properties

    (the full list will be released under the final release notes which will be released soon)

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  • replied
    Originally posted on Discord on January 7, 2017:

    Just letting you all know that we should be getting back into development around the 9th to 16th of January.

    Will keep you all in the loop when I know more + the v0.2_rc01 build should shortly follow that (a couple of days to week tops)

    So be sure to keep an eye out on #early-access-builds :thumbsup:
    UPDATE posted today (January 23, 2017):

    UPDATE we have gotten back to work on ODIN Tracker since the 19th/20th and will continue work on the 24th with a hard deadline set to release by the 31st of January and no later.

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  • replied
    Originally posted by Maximum-Dev View Post
    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to let you know that @benjamin.smith showed me some samples of what ODIN Capture can do and it's really amazing.
    I'm looking forward to the release!
    I'm glad you liked and it was nice catching up with you

    On to some other news, will no longer redirect to this forum thread in the new future as we now have a brand new website ready to launch very soon and + will become the replacement links to this thread

    After talking to @SE_JonF on Discord regarding ODIN Tracker's upcoming features I ended up compiling a new more complete list of the upcoming features in releases v0.2 and v0.3 which I will now share a sneak peek with you all now:

    • Window capture (image + video)
    • Selective capture (image + video)
    • High-res Blueprint node network capture (image only)

    [10,000+ x 10,000+ resolution and above supported]

    • Add image effects (blur, box, callout, crop, magnify, text)
    • Save image to file
    • Save image to file as
    • Show in File Explorer
    • Images will be watermarked with "Captured using ODIN Tracker" as either tiling semi-transparent text or a small image logo in one of the corners of the captured image

    Coming soon:
    (Comes free as part of ODIN:Core)
    • GIF capture support
    • Upload image / GIF to Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Google+, etc. (In other words mostly public only for promo)

    Coming soon:
    (Comes with ODIN:Capture advanced functionality paid add-on)
    • Upload video to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Google+, etc.
    • Upload image / GIF / video to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, etc.
    • Upload image / GIF / video to FTP, JIRA, Confluence, etc.
    • Upload to Slack, HipChat, & perhaps Discord / other
    • High-res Blueprint node network capture with transparent background (image only) [good for PDFs & PowerPoint slides]
    • "Captured using ODIN Tracker" watermark removable
    • Add custom watermark (tiling semi-transparent text and/or image)
    • Option to add game build / version number, etc as a watermark (pulled from DefaultGame.ini file)
    • Epic Games High-Resolution Capture Tool replacement for game viewport captures
    • Runtime capture tools with option to expose to end-users via permission groups i.e private QA testers, public alpha / beta testers and/or final game product users / gamers
    • Xbox One "Record that" type feature which constantly records your main UE4 Editor session & saves to temp memory for a default of 15-20sec (time options provided but the higher the number = more resource intensive)
    • Much much more

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  • replied
    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to let you know that [MENTION=8008]benjamin.smith[/MENTION] showed me some samples of what ODIN Capture can do and it's really amazing.
    I'm looking forward to the release!

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