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    Hi Shin_ji, The object array doesn't currently use instances as I wanted it to have a randomising object output also.
    If I had set it up using instances then it would only support however many static mesh instance components I added, which would limit some of the functionality. So I decided to forgo it.
    It would be easy enough to change the blueprint to support a set amount of different instances and I might update it to support instances.


      Update 2

      I have recently updated the market place content.
      - It includes a new 'Do not spawn Volume' that if overlapping any component within the array it will remove those objects. E.g. if you have a picket fence and you want to put a opening you can simply use the volume to overlap that area and enable Do no spawn volume within the object array blueprint.
      - It also includes another rotation option that will rotate any object using a spline array along the spline.


        Shin_ji, I have been able to create the object array to use Instances. I tested it with 4000 of the default Epic chairs and it only reports 51 draw calls. If I change it to static mesh only, then it goes up over 9000 draw calls.
        I will likely limit the different types of objects the array can have at one time to only one or two, as instances would likely only be used for bulk of the same type of object.
        I will need to test all the functions with this new setting to make sure everything works with it.
        I will try to get it submitted to Epic soon and with a video posted here showing the new settings.


          Update 3 is now Live!

          It includes a new array type of static mesh instance. If you have an existing 'static mesh' array you should be able to toggle it over to 'static mesh instance' array and it should work. It comes with improved performance by dramatically lowering the draw calls.

          There are a few features that don't work or are reduced in functionality due to the way instances are hardwired but most will behave the same as the static mesh array.

          Feel free to contact me on my support email or here in the forum if you have any questions or feature requests.