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Medieval European Town

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    Looks great! Will this still come to the marketplace?


      Your rock texture on the walls looks wonderful, great job pulling in good stock photos and making them tile. One thing I would say you could do to improve it further would be to get some stronger parallaxing into the material. What would look insane for screenshots would be tessellation on those walls as well that could be turned on or off for performance. Would be the icing on the cake but obviously not something you'd want people to rely on to get make it pop
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        Thank you all I postponed this project because I was working on another project which is finished and live on marketplace:

        I will finish it, when, i can't answer right now.

        Thank you, actually it's tessellated (you can see it better in interior scenes). But i changed the texture since it's texel density wasn't good enough.
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          This is an amazing medieval house. It looks so realistic. I hope you can finish the whole project soon .