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Announcing IwSpline, from IceWare Inc.

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  • Announcing IwSpline, from IceWare Inc.

    Hello Everyone,

    Getting ready to release a new product called IwSpline. It's for use with
    Epic Games UE4 of course!

    Supporting UE4 Versions 4.10 and now 4.11 (April 6, 2016)

    Using Triggers

    link to video

    Building Walls and more on Roads (April 08, 2016)

    link to video for building Building Walls and more on Roads

    Building Roads (April 7, 2016)

    Link to new video for Building Roads

    Showing how to use IwSpline to generate foilage, as well as the new ability to create points
    on a spline during the Construction phase of a blueprint

    Generating Foilage (April 5, 2016)

    link to new video for Generating Foilage

    Here is a link to the demo video on YouTube.

    The video is very "rough", in that I'm not a videograhper, but a programmer.

    What does it do?

    Spline (roads, walls, heck anything)

    1. Creates spline with as many points on the spline as you wish. Placing
    static meshes on each segment.

    2. Can place up to 3 meshes per segment of the spline, or a segment can
    be skipped as well. So one can set it to have a left and right guardrail
    as well as a central "road" perhaps. Anything else you can think of
    as well.

    3. Each segment can be set to be the exact size of the static mesh.

    4. Landscape can be adjusted to the spline segments, just click the button.

    5. Spline can be manipulated from controls (i.e. delete spline points, add,
    adjust X,Y,Z values for points). This is all done within the editor, and I don't
    mean by right clicking a spline point, and using the popup menu.


    1. Will move objects on the spline with a speed set for the entire spline,
    or each segment may have it's own speed as well.

    Decorations (Signs on roads, forests, vegetation, etc)

    Decorations are simply more Static Meshes, that can be set. These do not
    exist on the "segments" of the spline. Very useful for creating "forests"
    or any other vegetation you wish. Perhaps as signs on a road, simply any
    mesh you wish. These static meshes can be instanced, simply click a button.
    as well.

    Static Meshes

    Simply drag and drop the static mesh you wish to have on a segment, or
    as a Decoration or Collection.

    Static Meshes used for Decorations can be instanced, just click a button.

    All the Static Meshes for instancing, are shared across all IwSplines in a
    level, as they are maintained in a central cache, part of the C++ plugin.

    C++ Plugin Blueprint Libaray

    This is a blueprint library with well over 70 functions. Some of them are
    for convenience, such as setting one dimension of a vector, without altering
    the other 2. These really are designed to decrease the number of calls. Such
    as with the Add and Set node, where an integer or a float variable, has a value
    added to it, and set. Reducing the number of nodes in a blueprint.

    Price: 49.95

    What's in the package

    IwSpline - Main Blueprint

    IwCFD - A blueprint that must be in the level, and only one. It's designed
    to co-ordinate actions between multiple IwSpline's in a level. Basically
    just drop it anywhere in the level, and forget it if you wish.

    C++ Plugin: has 70+ blueprint callable functions. The C++ code is not provided.

    Supported versions of Epic Games UE - 4.10.x and 4.11.x

    Licensing Terms
    The Epic Games Marketplace Licensing. But there are 2 caveats.

    1. if the purchasing organization, has over 25 people (seats) using the product,
    then bulk licensing must be purchased.
    2. Initial purchase of the product comes with 1 year of support and all upgrades.
    After the initial one year, to continue maintenance and all upgrades. There is a
    charge of 25% of the then current price. If maintenance is not desired, the
    last version sent to the purchaser will still be maintained at no charge, till
    the version is sunsetted.

    Developed on

    Processor: Amd 965 quad core, no overclocking
    Memory: 16 GB
    Video Card: Nvidia 750 GTX (not a TI)
    Last edited by jayice; 04-11-2016, 03:08 PM. Reason: Added Video for building Walls and more on Roads

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    @zireael07 sounds good to me!

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    I would be up for testing, too!

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    [MENTION=22376]qdelpeche[/MENTION] Definitely on testing, and I will be doing support off my website, as well as I have set up skype to do support.

    I would also like to take the "stairs" code, and alter that to create houses from modular meshes, because, well heck, I need it. I really like the packages that are modular, so that a person can create a home/building etc, the way they wish, but I don't actually like (lmao, yes I'm lazy) moving all the pieces around and getting them to "fit" correctly. I would rather have an array, of potential pieces, and each element in the array, represent a floor, and then of course the one offs. like the roof, stairs leading up to a porch, etc. and then click a button, and say, DO IT! lol, yep I'm lazy! But alas, this will have to wait as well.

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    [MENTION=50524]jayice[/MENTION]: Well you have a definite sale here as soon as you release it. I am also willing to do testing for you if you want ... this tool is one of the best I have seen so far and is definitely one I am very keen on using.

    Good luck and let me know if I can help in anyway ... 8-}

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    [MENTION=22376]qdelpeche[/MENTION] yes i'm still working on it, I finished the IwMeasure blueprint today, which I hope to get submitted to the marketplace this week. But in relation to IwSpline. I got sick with pneumonia, and that really hammered me into the ground, but all is well now, so I'm back at it.

    The biggest issue with releasing the darn thing, is I will look at it, and go..... Darn that would be sweet, and yes I NEED IT!!!! lmao Which I have to stop doing. But I really need to redo the subclassing of the spline itself, because that is where a lot of the power comes from. i.e. getting the visualizer to redraw the spline when in edit mode, with all the changes to the spline, that have potentially been done.

    I am probably going to hold off, on the concept moving crowds around on the spline, and I don't mean following the spline itself, i'm not against that, I want a actor, that is at point X to randomly select point Y, and the do the dynamic path finding to it, without using the UE4 nav system, waypoints, etc. I found some, what appear to be nice algorithms, to do the work. But I really want it to be done in such a fashion, 1 Blueprint, parms of I'm here, I want to be there, give me the path to follow, where I don't just bang my head in walls forever. Get the array of points back to move along, and then say every N tick, fire out a line trace (well ok, probably 3, one from the lower leg, one from the gut, and one from the head, to make sure all is well, and then just move the actor along the path.

    but yep, i'm working on it, and I need to make the videos like I said to Pirate, clean it up some, and then release it into the wild... lol

    Have a great day!

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    [MENTION=39476]Pirate[/MENTION], well I want you to see a lot more of it! lol, I have two more videos to make, 1 for using particle systems with it, and one for creating stair systems. The particle meshes in some ways are pretty simple, but they do something that I need. I wanted to be able to simulate a mine field, was one thing, so tell IwSpline to generate say 500 spline points, then give it some particle systems, and have IwSpline randomly move them in the minefield based on some timer. Then if one of the spline points, gets a character within X distance, activate the particle system.

    The stairs is what I really like, you can set newels, railings balusters, landings, the stairs themselves, side walls, and then select the "target" i.e. where you want the stairs to end, and it will take the 6 different kinds of objects, and create a stair system for you. It can also set up a "stair" system into the side of a mesh, so if you want say a rock steps sticking out of the side of a cliff, you can do that.

    but yep, i'm getting pumped, have to get take of some things in epic version 13, and then I think I need to tear into the linker, to see why the blueprint library cannot work, unless source code is available. If the build is with source, no issues, if the build is with source, no issues, again, but if there was no source available, at run time, Windows complains to high heaven, about something not being initialized correctly.

    Have a great day!

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    [MENTION=50524]jayice[/MENTION]: Are you still working on this? Do you have a demo we can try? Do you need any help?

    Personally this is something that UE4 desperately needs and I would hate to see your work go to waste.

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    Very cool stuff, looking forward to seeing more of it

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    Originally posted by rich0550 View Post
    can this work with 4.13

    yes it can, i'm currently using it for my own game, in 4.10 - 4.13. I have no released it yet, as during my own use, i've noticed some things it needs, and currently getting those finished.

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    can this work with 4.13

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    New video for using triggers.

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    New video for building walls, and more on building roads.

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    New video for building roads.

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    Supporting UE4 4.11 now. Had some issues with the UBT, where it could not migrate from 4.10 to 4.11. Simply moving the code, over, and rebuilding resolved the issue.

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