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    We get asked a lot about switching out our weapons and re-targeting animations. Since we first launched our packs two years ago, we've made updates but there are a few things to keep in mind that could be helpful for anyone who uses our packs (

    As with any animation /mesh pack you normally bring in, they will usually need the skeleton reassigned to your base skeleton.

    We have changed many of the packs and some of the skeletal structure of the arms in the new packs to comply with Epics requirements. So it may complain about a bone that we no longer use called "weapon_mount" or something like that. The new packs do not have this bone, or its grayed out if its unavailable. That's likely what folks are experiencing when trying to use one of the weapons and switching it.

    With some retargeting of animations or skeleton re-assigning it should work fine!
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