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    Documentation and/or a quick start guide would be nifty...


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    Maybe I am doing something wrong, but it seems it's not possible to change the parameters during runtime. Please have a look at the attached screenshot. Even after 1 second when Light Direction is changed to 0,0,0 the scene doesn't change.Click image for larger version

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    Hello, in one of the comments on Marketplace it said that it's not possible to use standard Earth maps such as this one.

    Is this true? Because I want to use your amazing plug-in to model Earth.


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    Robert, 2.01 is on the marketplace so my version should be updated, right? Also, are you planning on doing any documentation at all?

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    An issue was found in the surface material: attenuation was calculated incorrectly for the planet surface. An update was released to address this issue. The updated version is recommended for use with new projects. However, if you have applied the update to an existing project you may have noticed that your planets now look differently.

    If you have noticed any unwanted changes after applying the update to an existing project, please download this downgrade patch and unpack it into your project folder. This will switch the project back to old attenuation algorithm.
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  • started a topic [SUPPORT] Realistic Atmosphere 2.0

    Realistic Atmosphere 2.0

    Hey everyone!

    I was notified that my new Realistic Atmosphere 2.0 is now live on the Marketplace! I am opening the new support and feedback thread for the new version of the product. Realistic Atmosphere 2.0 is an improved version of the previous package which was just named Realistic Atmosphere without the version number. The main focus for this update was to improve performance and provide more user-friendly experience.
    • Performance was greatly improved.
    • You can now switch atmosphere quality level to balance between quality and performance.
    • You can now choose which features to enable without manually changing materials.
    • You can now scale the actor using ordinary scaling tool.
    • Scaling the actor doesn't break the look of your atmosphere anymore.
    • Sky is now translucent by default.
    • Color controls are now separated from intensity controls.
    • Skylight was added to compensate light intensity loss due to attenuation.
    • Material was refactored and the graph is now much easier to understand and modify (I hope! )
    • Surface shader is now fully encapsulated in its own material function.
    • Surface shader now uses textures instead of noise by default.
    • Blueprint properties are now better documented (I hope )
    • Shaders are now compiling faster.

    If you had purchased the original Realistic Atmosphere already you get this update for free!

    Realistic Atmosphere 2.0 on the Marketplace: