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    Hey guys... Apologies - since the forum upgrade I simply cannot get forum notifications to work. As a result I barely ever check the forums, as they are really REALLY not well suited to actual use IMO. I do operate multiple channels of support though, and you can reach me via, and through the discord channel I operate here:

    I will continue to check back here from time to time, but I am about to post a message on all of my support threads here urging people away from these forums as they simply are not a good place to offer support in their current form.

    Originally posted by jakehowe2004 View Post
    Any news on any updates?
    Updates are still coming - but I currently have nothing to announce. My time has been tied up in a number of projects and I simply haven't had the chance to make new content for the template. The best place to keep up with it all is the discord channel linked above

    Regarding save systems - I do have a integration tutorial for Rama's Save System in the works, but again, professional and personal commitments are currently pulling priority. However, from what I have seen, that is the save system I would recommend, as there are a number of MSGT customers who have successfully got it up and running - they have mentioned its a bit of work though.


      Have someone experienced somekind of laggy character movements replication after adding Advanced Sessions plugin?

      Im developing a game based on MSGT product and decided to integrate Adv. Sessions to join the server across Steam. Works fine but I can feel a slightly lag when clients sprint. Someone told me more people experienced the same and fixed or solved that problem. I would need some help with this.