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  • [RELEASED] Google Analytics Provider Plugin

    Google Analytics Provider Plugin (for all platforms!)

    Google Analytics Provider integrates out-of-the-box Google Analytics into Unreal Engine project and is compatible with all platforms. It fully implements the Unreal Analytics Provider system so you can use all available features exposed by this, including Analytics Blueprint Library. It's useful for tracking events and screens, real-time sessions tracking, registering in-app purchases, user progression, automatic reporting errors, exceptions, crashes, etc.

    Required Unreal Engine 4.10 or above because of Android Plugin support!

    Current plugin version: 2.6.0
    User Guide:

    Buy now on Sellfy (20% OFF):
    Buy now on Marketplace:

    ★ Four special nodes only for Google Analytics Provider plugin: Record Google Event, Record Google Screen, Record Google Social Interaction, Record Google User Timing
    ★ Implements Unreal Analytics Provider system
    ★ All features are exposed to Blueprints
    ★ Supports gameDNA installer. No more downloading SDKs and creating packages on your own!
    ★ Out-of-the-box for all platforms.
    ★ Works with Blueprint-only & source code projects.
    ★ Works with Launcher & GitHub UE4 versions.
    ★ Real-time sessions tracking (you can see who is currently playing your game!)
    ★ Tracking events and screens
    ★ Registering In-App Purchases
    ★ Registering user progression
    ★ Sending info about age, gender, location and interests
    ★ Automatic errors, exceptions and crash reporting
    ★ Automatic system info tracking (e.g. device, operating system, app version)
    ★ Automatic caching events when user is offline and send them to Google Analytics when user is online
    ★ Campaign measurement
    ★ Social interactions
    ★ User timing
    ★ Custom dimensions and metrics
    ★ And more features provided by Google Analytics

    ★ Full source code available on GitHub private repo!
    ★ Compatible with all UE4 platforms (all-in-one)
    ★ Easy plugin setup
    ★ All future updates
    ★ Support via e-mail

    Plugin is used in our mobile game CHASERS:

    You can download example project at the following address:


    Plugin trailer:

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    I've just bought it and this is awesome! Indeed works out-of-the-box Thank you


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      Bought this plugin yesterday. By following the instructions on the PDF I was able to setup and have Google Analytics running on my Unreal App very quickly and with a lot of ease. Everything works as advertised and it's pretty easy to use both in code and through BluePrints.

      Thanks for the plugin!


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        This looks like a promising replacement for what has been a nightmare trying to integrate Flurry with Unreal... we'll more than likely buy this when back in the studio in the new year. Thanks!


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          will this work on PC as well?
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            Originally posted by intoxicat3 View Post
            will this work on PC as well?
            Currently only on iOS & Android but I will add PC support in January 2016
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              Google Analytics Provider Plugin is now compatible with all UE4 platforms! :-)
              Buy now:
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                Big thumbs up from Space Dust Studios, this made adding Google Analytics to Space Dust Racers incredibly easy. I was able to instrument our game to track player flow in just a few hours thanks to the helpful tutorial included. I'm guessing this has saved us a week of engineering time, and has given us the insights we'll need to focus our update efforts the game has released, so I consider this a total bargain.

                One gotcha for anyone wanting to use this on PC - make sure in Google Analytics you create a Website property, not a Mobile App property.

                We've tested it out on PC, and also verified it compiles on XBO/PS4 for anyone else interested... there was one trivial compile fix which I've notified the devs about, but you can fix it yourself in 2 seconds so not a big issue.

                Also the devs were very quick to respond to a support email (on NYE no less!) so I'm a very happy customer. Thanks again gameDNA!
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                  Good idea!

                  PS: Google is watching you everywhere...even in the UEngine, take care!
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                    You can download update 1.2 from your Sellfy dashboard.

                    I've contacted with Epic and they told me that they are attempting to add plugins support to the Marketplace within the year so until that the only way is buy it on Sellfy.

                    Buy on Sellfy:
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                      Google Analytics plugin now works with both Blueprint-only & Source code projects!

                      Great news! No longer any limitations!

                      You can download updated version from your Sellfy dashboard or simply change only one line in GoogleAnalytics.uplugin file:
                      "EnabledByDefault": true,
                      "EnabledByDefault": false,
                      and that's all!

                      In conclusion, Google Analytics plugin now works with Blueprint-only & Source code projects on Launcher & GitHub UE4 versions!


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                        Update for UE 4.11 Preview 3 just released + new TrackingId nodes!

                        You can now change Tracking Id at runtime!

                        You can download plugin from your Sellfy dashboard:
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                          Can confirm that we're now using this in production, and it's friggin fantastic. Exactly how it should be done.

                          10/10 would buy again!


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                            Originally posted by TheJamsh View Post
                            Can confirm that we're now using this in production, and it's friggin fantastic. Exactly how it should be done.

                            10/10 would buy again!
                            Thank you for appreciating! It's very pleasant


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                              Now every buyer receives access to the private plugin repository on GitHub!

                              You can now track code changes and download binary releases for different Unreal Engine 4 versions (now for 4.10 and 4.11)

                              If you want to access to the repo, you can buy plugin on Sellfy:
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