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    [RELEASED] HH Advanced Weapon Blueprint

    Hello all and welcome.

    looking for a weapon blueprint that has EVERYTHING?
    Well almost everything? Then you have come to the right place.

    Now before I get your mouths salivating, lets show of some eye candy:

    So now you say to yourself:

    "I like the cut of this jib! What else can I do?"

    Well let me explain further good fellow

    What the weapon blueprint allows you to do:

    • Choose which mesh, firing effects, sounds and animations the weapon uses.
    • Impact sounds, effects and decals are physical material based.

    • Can increase the scatter when moving and firing
    • There is also a limit you can adjust to the maximum scatter bloom
    • The scatter bloom updates via UMG to show on screen
    • Can change how fast the bloom will contract, and retract which also gives added depth to the weapon
    • overall range tweak if you want weapons to be more or less accurate over distances
    • Use the ammo pool or magazine system
    • Option to use ammo, useful for things like unlimited ammo cheats and weapons that may charge up for example
    • Option to cost more ammo per shot

    Armour Piercing:
    • Impact calculated or percentile based options
    • Percentile based gets the armour of the target and just reduces it by an amount
    • Impact calculated gets the direction of the attack, the thickness of target armour and calculates whether it was successful or not.
    • Can pierce through multiple targets and even reduce over distance and amount of penetrations.

    Charge up and diminish
    • Can be used in several ways, such as having a fully charged weapon that uses charge per shot, then you have to refill it (or discard the weapon halo style)
    • You can charge up a weapon and have it fire on release (like spartan laser halo weapon)
    • You can have charge up weapons diminish charge over time also.

    Critical component and locations:
    • The Critical Component not only serves as Armour or a hit location, but has modifiers that can affect the player or do increased damage if hit there. Headshots? You have that. Minor damage by being shot in the finger? Then you can add that too.

    Damage over Distance:
    • Short, medium, long, far and max distances
    • A multiplier for each distance, allows weapons like shotguns to be less effective the further the target is or have a sniper rifle do badly at close range.

    Fire Modes:
    • Single shot, burst and fully automatic modes
    • Add fire mode options to a weapon and change through them. Example: semi auto pistol, with a burst mode.
    • Can change how many shots fired per burst
    • Change the fire rate of the weapon in RPM
    • Projectiles fired Per Shot allow weapons like shotguns with minimal effort.

    • Min and max damage for random variance
    • Current Round Counter for extra damage based on what number bullet you are currently on

    Over heating and cool down:
    • Allows weapons to overheat
    • can also be used as a windup mechanic to allow weapons to fire (think of mini-gun barrels needing to spin first)
    • Heats per shot
    • Cool down delays and force cool down on reloads

    • Random and smoothed
    • You can adjust how much recoil there is for left, right, up and down.
    • There is also the option to have recoil bias which will make the recoil favour a side more than the other. up/down and left/right.

    • Option for automatic reloads
    • Change the reload duration
    • Animation scaling
    • Option for no reloads (useful for cheats etc)
    • Active reloading mechanics gears of war style.

    • Can be either line trace or a physical projectile. Both have an area effect option which is useful for rocket launchers
    • Can fire multiple per shot. Useful for shotguns
    • Option to switch from projectile or line trace.
    • Can home in on targets. Can have multi locked targets and fire a projectile at each
    Cone Trace:
    • Can be used for simple spray type weapons such as flamers or other unique weapons.
    • Currently includes damage over distance and percentile based armour piercing mechanics.
    • 2 different trace settings can improve performance based on the type of game you need it for.

    • Can be used on projectiles and tracers.
    • Set amount of ricochets
    Camera Support:
    • Supports 1st and 3rd person camera modes, easily toggled by a button
    Multiplayer Support:
    • Multiplayer support.
    So after reading all this, you ask where you can acquire such an item? Well look no further!

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    Not all who wonder are lost in thought.

    Sounds great so far, im really eager to see it. I can see quite a few things here that can seperate it from 'realistic blueprint weapons'.


      Just barely caught back up with this thread! Still really interested in this blueprint. Looks like it has a huge range of properties to create an immense amount of crazy weapons. Just wondering if there would be options for ballistic penetration. Hope to see more soon!


        Just wondering if there would be options for ballistic penetration. Hope to see more soon!
        In which kind of way? Something similar to world of tanks?

        If so that would mean adding in armour thickness and armour angles, possibly having weight or calibre of each shell into math as well.

        Then it would require adding lots of hit boxes to things that you'd want to have the effect which would tell the weapon what angle and armour thickness it is.

        Totally doable, but currently working on another project (and gives me time to figure out the code too xD ).
        Not all who wonder are lost in thought.


          Not sure how world of tanks does it... Actually I'm not even sure if ballistic penetration was the correct term to use. I'm thinking of games where bullets/projectiles can penetrate through certain objects and can continue with less damage (until reaching a certain limit). Thanks for the answer though!

          (edit) I'm guessing your other project is the dialogue system? Looks great too but hoping to hear more of this in the near future! GL!
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            Scroll down to armour penetration, they have it described there. It's a bit mathy.

            Although if you don't care for more realistic penetration, the you could still do the hitbox (or even just a descriptor of sort on a character or object) detection and say "yes this is wood, we can penetrate that" and then reduce the damage by however much you want. This would be quite easy to implement as the weapon detects armour already but is just using a simple line trace. I'd just have to switch it for multi line and add damage reduction to anything after.
            Not all who wonder are lost in thought.


              Yep! It would be something along those lines as a simple this 'object allows piercing with a certain amount of damage reduction' as you stated. It could work around with your armour piercing values where higher AP allows more damage to carry through (maybe). But Im just rambling, eventually if your pack releases Ill for sure try messing around with creating this. I know youre busy with other things and I appreciate you taking the time to respond.


                Extremely impressive stuff! It's turning into quite the package


                  Definitely something the community wants. Very nice work and hope to see it released soon!
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                    (Video may still be improving quality to 1080p)

                    Weapon penetration based on armour angle and thickness of the armour.

                    Weapons now have the option to have the simple penetration which will just have the original armour modifier or you can use the advanced version, which will read the armour value of the target. It will find the hit angle and then use that to improve the armour value on comparison to the weapons penetration value. If the penetration value is higher than the "effective" armour value then damage happen. if not then no damage.
                    The different penetration values there are because I've added a min and max modifier of 25% to add a bit of variety, chance and dumb luck.

                    Multiple penetration of course will work with this too.

                    Here is an idea of what the armour angles are actually doing:

                    10° 101.54%
                    20° 106.42%
                    30° 115.47%
                    40° 130.54%
                    50° 155.57%
                    60° 200%
                    70° 292.38%

                    Now to add it to projectiles also.
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                    Not all who wonder are lost in thought.


                      If you add in homing projectiles, aim assist, auto aim, and I'm in


                        Great work Horus! This is turning into a seriously deep blueprints package


                          Originally posted by horusheretic

                          bit more of a flashier video of the multi projectile lock on feature.

                          There are a few minor things i need to fix/add like projectile sounds as you will notice they don't have ambient noise, and projectiles unable to fire when all the locked targets are dead/no longer existing. Should be simple enough then i'll get it submitted for market place ^_^



                            Originally posted by HorusHeretic

                            Added in a few test weapon meshes.

                            Also added in a basic weapon inventory, which you can switch currently held weapons with the mouse wheel.

                            Can now switch weapon modes seamlessly providing additional weapon modes are allowed on the weapon.

                            So this allows all these weapons? Does it include animations for these weapons?


                              They are just purely there for something else to look at other than the stock Unreal engine 4 gun as i was going crazy just looking at it all the time, hence "Test meshes".

                              But blueprint wise, i should add, you can create most weapons you can think of.

                              Rocket launchers, sniper rifles, pistols, smgs, rifles, charge up weapons, over heating weapons. Its the whole purpose of it, to be all encompassing as possible. theres options to turn off/onn the bits you do or don't want based on your needs.
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                              Not all who wonder are lost in thought.