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This is the official support thread for this package, and the place for you to ask all of your lovely questions


Q: What is the chat system, and what does it come with?
A: This chat system enables players to communicate via chat in-game, I have a comprehensive features video here:

Q: How much does it cost?
A: $30

Q: Which engine versions are supported?
A: 4.9 - 4.11, I will also be updating this to the newer versions ASAP once they are released. There shouldn't be any necessary changes, I will just be verifying that it does indeed work with new versions. For instructions on implementation, I made this video:

Q: Which platforms can I use this on?
A: I have only used it on desktop, but you can use it on any platform as long as you can type into the chat box.

Q: How can I change the font used in the chat?
A: There are 3 widgets that use fonts, you can change the font in these locations: The "Chat Input" in the "Chat_MainWidget" widget, The two text blocks in the "Chat_Message" widget, and the text block in the "Chat_Tab" widget.

Q: Can I extend the functionality of the chat, or do something like add my own commands?
A: Of course! I designed this chat specifically with customization in mind, and have actually made a tutorial that teaches you how to add your own commands (Leaning towards the intermediately experienced users), check it out:

Q: How do I setup the word filter?
A: I have made a quick video that talks about the word filter here:

Q: Can I change which HUD widget the chat uses?
A: Yes, and very easily! As long as you can get a reference to your HUD widget when you spawn the chat, it will work, and I made a quick video showing how to do this:

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to ask on this thread, or for a quicker reply, add me on Skype. Have a nice day!

Comments/Reviews of this marketplace package:

The creator is extremely responsive to support requests and helpful. He's continuously looking into ways to better the product. Definitely worth the $30 and maybe more. The software may be $30 but the level of support is priceless.
Implemented this today was really straightforward and it looks cool in my project. I would recommend it.
This was very easy to implement into an already complicated project in no time at all, well worth the money and I would highly recommend.
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