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Side Scroller Shooter Kit - Cover system, Human AI, QTE System & much more!

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    Can you allso sell it on sellfy then we can get it faster i can not wait to mesh arround with your project

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    Thanks [MENTION=5532]fhl41[/MENTION]

    I plan to finish all features today and submit it to Epic. Later I will add some new gameplay video.

    New features list:

    - project is moved to newest engine version 4.12.4, also I fixed issues with that transition and successfully packaged project
    - new enemy: flying bot - patroling route driven by spline, which can be edited to any shape
    - new enemy: flying pulsing plasma - route driven by spline, which can be edited to any shape
    - new enemies add on: regenerating shield - any enemy can have shield barrier. Player has to destroy shield first to be able to destroy enemy. Shield can auto regenerate health over time. Shield can be also placed as stand alone on level. Shield give damage to player when he overlaps it.
    - spawn drop component - any object can drop loot (driven by probability per item) when is destroyed. Component is added to every enemy by default
    - loot objects - blueprints with spawn drop components with chest and sphere shapes
    - quick time events system - interaction BP triggered with successful QTE. Compatible with gamepad. QTE can be interupted by enemy bullet/any damage area. Action types:
    -- single input
    -- hold button
    -- press buttons in order in limited time
    -- press buttons quickly number of times in limited time

    - exploding barrel blueprint - when destroyed damage enemies and player within radius
    - button panel with IK targeting - general panel with button, player's character turn to button and move hand to button exact location. It's connceted with QTE system.
    - base blueprint for button panel and damage area - blueprint which can easly be converted to any trap or interactive object. Damage blueprint can damage player and/or enemy AI.
    - example traps and interaction blueprints:
    -- automic doors - opened when player or AI is in radius
    -- doors opened by button panel
    -- horizontal platform opened by button panel
    -- electric traps which can be disabled/enabled by button panel. They can damgege player and/or AI's

    - elevator blueprint redone - added button panels - elevator now can be called for example when is up, and player is down
    - enemies now can alarm each other
    - movement make noise which can alarm enemies - can be applied for run, sprint, jump land and crouch walk - each can have diffrent noise range
    - new physical material which making noise - can be added to any material, when bullet hits it, it make noise which alert AI
    - destroyable cover points and vault for AI - new blueprint (with wall destructable mesh by default) which can be connected to AI's cover points and vault triggers. When wall is destryoed (by player or/and enemy) it automatically destroys connected cover points and vault trigger so AI and player won't use it anymore. When that happen AI will automatically leave that cover point.
    - new behaviors and settings for AI:
    -- change cover point over time while being in cover
    -- change cover point to the nearest to player (3D AI's only)
    -- keeping distance to player combat mode (2D AI's only)
    -- added and exposed to blueprint, probability settings to all random combat mode actions
    -- detection settings when player is in cover
    -- standing cover point
    -- never go back to patrol option
    -- cover points to ignore
    -- sprint to cover point probability

    To do:

    - survilance camera
    - 2D player's cover point - option to change to custom or default camera when starting cover
    - new demo level
    - new example campaign levels
    - enemies presets
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    it looks awesome the ai looks great, is it allready summited to the marketplace or on sellfy

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    Originally posted by Nightraiyven View Post
    And so far everything looks smooth and polished.
    This is why it takes so much time! ^^

    Originally posted by Nightraiyven View Post

    Would this be linked to a camera system or maybe more interesting any patrolling AI around your triggered turrets would be alerted to the area in which the player triggered the event.
    Yes, I just worked on that last weekend and done this:
    - AI can alarm other AI's - found by being in range or/and specific AI's
    - AI can alarm turrets - found by being in range or/and specific turrets - this should not be hard to implement for other types of enemies
    - Phisical material which make noise, which alarms AI's - when player shoots a wall with this physical material and AI is in range, AI will be alarmed
    - Enemy component make noise (alarm AI's) on bullet hit and/or actor destroy - enemy compoment can be added to any actor, so for example enemy component is added into turret, so you can enable this and when player hits turret, it will alarm other turrets and AI's
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    Thanks for the reply,
    Alot of awesome stuff in there.
    And so far everything looks smooth and polished.

    - AI can alarm other AI's
    Would this be linked to a camera system or maybe more interesting any patrolling AI around your triggered turrets would be alerted to the area in which the player triggered the event.

    So far it looks like all i'll need to do on release is just code a few specific things that are central to my game as most of the core already has what i need.
    Thankfully this gives me more time to focus on the level design, art assets and boss mechanics.

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    How cover system transition works:

    I launch line trace with custom from player to cover point area wall. If it hits, player is moved to hit location.
    When player leave cover, he's moved by distance calculated when he start cover.

    It's done bit different when trace can't hit cover wall - player is moved to nearest cover point side volume.

    1 It shouldn't be hard to do, but to make it right it would take a week I guess. Maybe I won't have that much time to implement this. I will think about it.

    2 Search for player - AI look around in place for player when he lost sight of him.
    Retreat from foreground to background for an advantage - In fact I had plan to implement this. There are few problems with this. I will test this and let you know.

    It's done with Behaviour tree.

    Here's done features for Human AI:

    - AI goes to best cover point after seeing player, when there is no cover point, AI randomly run right/left, crouch and shoot - currently is random, I plan to make some presets of this behavior, of course it all can be easly scripted
    - When player shot using loud gun (by default only silenced pistol not making noise logic, but it all can be tweaked easly) he is looking around and run to cover point
    - When AI loose sight of player for some time, AI goes to patrol mode and walking between pathnodes
    - Pathnode system for patroling AI - you can make patrol route for AI, pathnodes can have multiple connections and custom wait time, pathnodes can be taken by other AI, so AI goes to other avalible one
    - Pathnode system - lifeplace/animation system - when AI reach pathnode, he can play whichever animation list, in order or random order, with given delays - Dying Light has something similar
    - AI can vault over obstacles
    - AI goes to alert mode when player shoots him
    - AI looking around while is in patrol mode
    - Player can shoot AI in the head and kill him instantly

    Future features for human AI:

    - destroyable cover
    - "stand" cover point
    - AI change cover points - didn't determine conditions for that yet, probably when AI has low health
    - AI can alarm other AI's

    3 Yes it is. For player and AI.

    You can look at it in videos below:

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    So with the calculation im assuming out of cover would be using a trace/ vector back to the original 0 plane?

    Also a few more points
    1. For the Stealth Kill component would it be possible to add some attention grabbing system (like a knock, object throw or something similar to the whistle in the top down stealth kit)
    2. How advanced is the current AI system (search for player, retreat from foreground to background for an advantage etc?) and is it done in the Behaviour tree or with blueprints?
    3. Is there a melee attack at this point (i.e punch/kick)

    Really looking forward to this.
    Im currently concepting out my levels and boss fights ( the background combat with the sidescroller playstyle make for some really interesting encounter ideas)

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    I'm glad you like cover system. Ton of work went to that.

    Transitions - I'm not using splines. It's bit complicated to write on forum. In general I use line traces and vectors. In short I calculate distance between cover point and player and move player by that distance.

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    Take my Money now
    The stealth system was gonna be my next question but you've already addressed that.
    As for the cover system, i'm loving it.

    In the video between the lift system into cover to the stealth kill, are you using a spline for transitions between the fore and background axis?

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    Thanks [MENTION=414089]Nightraiyven[/MENTION] and [MENTION=27212]straight shota[/MENTION]

    Sorry for late response, I wanted to finish cover system and ledge climing as soon as possible.

    In terms of release - I don't plan to work on this in July, so at the end of this month I will submit it to Epic, then I guess it will take few weeks until it will be released on marketplace.

    I want to add only couple more features. General heavy lifting is done. Some things took much more time then I excpected. I uploaded new video with latest added features:

    Originally posted by Andrei Branescu View Post
    I am also really interested in this!
    Are you getting close to finishing it?
    Also, did you make the animations yourself? If not, where did you get them? I especially like the jump over animation.

    Yes I think I'm close to finish it
    About animations - in general I have them from Mixamo, but almost all of the are tweaked/almost completely changed by me.
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    Same here I'm wondering about the release date,and Where it be avilable.

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    I am also wondering how far off the release ate this kit is?

    loving what i see so far

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    I am also really interested in this!
    Are you getting close to finishing it?
    Also, did you make the animations yourself? If not, where did you get them? I especially like the jump over animation.

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    Originally posted by Nemecys View Post
    Hey Hamster, amazing work so far with your setup.

    Would it be possible to get some information on how you setup/created some of your features.

    I am mostly interested in getting the player to aim where the mouse is and also animate to aim there.

    I assume this is using a Blendspace, however my current mouse aiming is slightly off and the player doesn't exactly shoot where the mouse is.
    Is this something you have a problem with as well?

    I would really like to get my hands on some of this work as soon as possible, are you able to share what you have for a price now?

    I'd rather not wait for the full release as there are features in there that I don't need.

    Thanks, and great work
    Thank you!

    Yes, I'm using blendspace and drive it by mouse axis value. You can also use mouse world position and calculacte angle between mouse and the player, and use this value to drive blendspace, although I didn't test it.
    I think I will set price to $69

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    The combat system is missing auto aim option when you shoot at background objects.

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