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[RELEASED] Luos's 4 Elements Particle pack.

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    [RELEASED] Luos's 4 Elements Particle pack.

    Status: Available!
    Get it at:

    Luos's 4 Elements Particle Pack!

    Since moving images do more than words: (thanks to the awesome Bruno!)

    This is a small particle package based around the four main elements: Water, Wind, Earth, Fire. (No heart, captain planet isnt part of this!)
    Each of the elements comes with at least three particle systems; Offensive, Defensive, Impact.
    Blueprint examples are available for both the Offensive (includes impact) and defensive, but I do highly suggest creating your own.
    (Thanks to ShadowRiver, Jan Kaluza, & Kitt for their blueprint help)

    Additional information:

    - Each particle system comes with Three LOD's (Lod0, Lod1, Lod2) to improve performance. (runs a smooth 60 fps on ps4, 120 fps on pc with decent specs, all less than a few .ms impact)
    - For defensive spells blueprints are provided as a showcase, and some additional blueprints for offensive spells are available.
    - All materials and most blueprints are clean and easily readable.
    - 18 materials, 25 material instances.
    - 25 textures, their sizes vary from 4096x4096 to 512x512.
    - 21 static meshes, ranging from 44 up to 3072 polygons. (used for mesh based particles)
    - 4 blueprints, with an additional four used for the showcase level.
    - comes with a showcase level.
    - Random Gleen blob & wizard hat mesh.

    Price: $13.99.

    Additional Video:

    (Some particles have been updated since this video was published, but are still fairly accurate)

    Additional images:

    From release to 4.14

    No mayor changes.

    4.15 - 4.XX
    Updated effects to make full use of the new tonemapper while still looking good with the old one.
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    Very nice I'm a buyer!
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      These look pretty cool, I especially like the fire attacks. =)

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        pretty cool


          I'm sold, I want to kill that slime!


            its awesome


              It looks really good, gj

              Hum...the 'earth defence' takes too much place, we just cannot see the two cents.
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                I love the fire attack

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                  Earth attack my fave followed by water.
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                    performance on fire?


                      Originally posted by CriErr View Post
                      performance on fire?
                      Ive had 8 of each of the particles in view, and then some and not even a dent in my fps. (120 fps solid)
                      If you want I can give an exact ms to draw it all tomorrow or so.
                      I tend to work very optimal on my particles, not drawing more than needed. (though, I can go crazy on gpu particles, and even those I limited to a few hundred in most cases, where even thousands wouldnt cause a bump)


                        AWESOME!!! Are they going to be in the market soon? Any release date?
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                          Showcase video made by the awesome Bruno Brito!

                          The package is currently pending,
                          Had to tweak a few things on request, and now we wait.
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                            A question?

                            The tutorial of creating particle mesh can do the same in these particles or have any difference?