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Modular SciFi Series Pricing Changes!

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    [RELEASED] Modular SciFi Series Pricing Changes!

    Greetings all!

    I'm happy to announce new pricing changes for the Modular SciFi Series! In an effort to increase availability to developers, I have chosen to set $39.99 as the highest price tier for the series going forward, down from $69.99. I'm planning lots of content for this collection, and want it to be as affordable as possible for developers to attain it in it's entirety. Originally I was planning to do this through upgrade prices, but given that feature is a while off this is the next best option. I'm excited to be able to open this series to more people!

    To those who may be wondering: the price change will have no effect on quality, or content updates. Both are still paramount to the Modular SciFi experience!

    Both packs have just been marked for 4.9 compatibility. If you have any questions or comments, please share below. Happy developing!


    Modular SciFi Hallways
    Modular SciFi Interiors


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    Great, and exactly that price drop is why i am currently counting pros and cons of buying both packs versus doing something like this myself.

    And more on the topic, could i see screenshot (and polycount) of lowest poly , something in middle and highest polycounts?
    Or just those 3 numbers, I need to estimate average polycount for my scene. I am doing mobile game, so polycounts are tight.

    Another question: if its possible (after i buy those packs ofc) to obtain source meshes (meshes only not textures), i may need to edit uvs to save texture space. Ie instead uv skins something that uses atlas textures.


      Hey Nawrot!

      You can find the information under technical details, but here they are:

      Pack assets range from 24-11,488 tris
      Pack average around 2,118 tris

      Pack assets range from 8-11,488 tris
      Pack average around 2,003 tris

      I also want to mention that the pack is intended for next gen development, it isn't optimized for mobile games.

      Currently I do not provide source meshes, but I will look into the possibility of doing that in the future. I am looking to provide more source files for textures as well, particularly for UI designs.

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        I looked at pictures with your sets, and yes they are too heavy for mobiles.

        Do you plan to use Alleghoritmic apps, and their plugin? If you did some procedural setups (easy to modify by plugin or in painter) would be great to make more variations by people such as me. My biggest fear about buying art packages on marketplace is that everybody and their dog will produce games that have same environment/character sets.


          At the moment I don't have plans to integrate the substance plugins. I have been looking into the possibility though, weighing the pros and cons of using that as opposed to Quixel. Currently through masks you can tweak up to 4 color and pbr settings, along with detail normals. Additional modifiable settings would certainly be nice, especially something as powerful as substance. If I end up deciding to switch to substance, I will probably do so with my next series/volume. I'd prefer to keep things consistent with this first set of packs. =)

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