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DMTS - Dynamic Multi Teleport System

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    [SUBMITTED] DMTS - Dynamic Multi Teleport System

    Hello everyone
    I has send a new product to EPIC, for the market place.
    It is a dynamic multiple teleportal system for single or multilayer mod.

    Here the describtion:

    DMTS - Dynamic Multi Teleport System
    This is a blue print based teleporter system for multiple portals. You only need to place the teleport trigger to you level, and name the new portal like you want. This is all you have to do, to get a new teleporter working. This teleporter system is a time saver for you project!
    DMTS auto add all portals to the UMG teleport widget, if it get active. You can have X numbers of portals/teleport triggers in the level. the widget will always show you all in a scrollable list. The player can choose a portal entry from the list and get teleported to this trigger. The pack comming with a demo level, third person manequin from EPIC and a teleport particle and audio effect.

    Technical details:
    -- Teleport System for multiple portals
    -- Blue Print project
    -- Auto add portals to the UMG teleport widget
    -- Particle effect for the portal
    -- Particle and Audio effect for the teleporting
    -- X numbers of portal triggers possible
    -- easy to use, just place a trigger, and name it
    -- you can group the teleporter, to get different teleporters in your world
    -- Key T teleport to the teleporter most near the player
    -- Overlap the portal trigger open the teleport UMG
    -- Multiplayer testet

    And here the video.

    Thanks for watching!
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    Very Nice...Indeed! is now part of


      I will be purchasing this very nice.
      Check out my fighting component


        new version made! now it is possible to group the teleporters, usefully for dungeons and such.