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What would you like to see next for the Modular SciFi Series?

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    [GAUGING INTEREST] What would you like to see next for the Modular SciFi Series?

    Greetings all!

    I'd like start out by thanking all who have been supporting the Modular SciFi Series collection! I have been working on concepts and ideas for the next installment in the series, and have come upon various routes to take. Hearing your feedback on where you'd like to see the series go will be invaluable in moving forward. Here are the 2 main ideas I'm looking at right now, keep in mind I'm also open to other suggestions. Feel free to provide them below.

    1.) Comprehensive props pack.

    This would contain a comprehensive collection of scifi props. Ranging from technology, storage, furniture, and more. I would also be gathering community input on what they'd like to see included.

    Price: $24.99

    2.) Exteriors pack.

    This would be another large architectural pack similar to the first two. It's focus will be an exterior compound that can be used seamlessly with the previous two architectural packs.

    Price: $59.99

    3.) Other.

    What would you like to see as the next pack in the collection?

    Vote in the poll above and let me know. If you choose other, please describe below what you'd like the next pack to be about.

    For those who are new to the series, here are links to the product pages of the first two packs where you can learn more information.

    Modular SciFi Hallways

    Modular SfiFi Interiors


    Main Website
    Comprehensive Props Pack
    Exteriors Pack
    Other (Please detail below)

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    Modular external space station...??? Guess similar to #2....
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      Exteriors would be nice, but interiors could always use some stuff inside of them so players have things to look at.


        Hey Teak421! I like the idea of the space station, its deinitely something I want to do in the future.

        Agreed on that _cDub. I was hoping to be able to do props next, but wanted input on what people wanted to see first. Comprehensive props pack seems to be winning the popularity vote at the moment.

        Please keep the votes and suggestions coming!

        Caldera Entertainment | Twitter | ArtStation


          Vehicles are something I have been interested in doing, as a form of props. I'm not an animator so wouldn't be able to provide that feature unfortunately.

          Caldera Entertainment | Twitter | ArtStation


            I just want to bump this up once before calling the results.

            Caldera Entertainment | Twitter | ArtStation


              A huge town in space with futuristic buildings, hangars from where can rise spaceships and some space junk props giving a more "natural" space environment effect.


                That would be very cool, and fun to do. Sort of like a city space station. I like that. =)

                At this point the props pack is the clear winner, so that will take priority. Thank you to all who participated!
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                Caldera Entertainment | Twitter | ArtStation


                  I'd rather have the props first anyway.


                    The Exteriors pack is still coming, this was to gather information on which people wanted to prioritize. I also may have some other surprises. =)

                    Caldera Entertainment | Twitter | ArtStation