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Fully functional vehicle pack for Unreal 4 engine

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    Status : Pending approval from Epic
    Available exclusively on market place

    Update for my DVP Redux pack it got upgrade to 2.0 version
    - Complete overhaul of blueprint
    - New vehicle MBT : M1 - Patriot
    - Destructible objects that you can use as template to create your own
    - New map for testing vehicles
    Fixed all bugs and implement every request that i received like shootable lights, ramming tank through solid objects, destructible towers, example of cinematic in map etc.
    Fixed all bugs that i got to date
    Demo on new FOB map ( huge map requires solid PC )
    Demo all skins of the vehicles simple map for testing

    Thanks for support, and enjoy new content.
    As always if any bugs is discovered send it on support mail i will fix it
    And if needed some new content send email i will put it on list if possible