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    In response to some confusion and requests for clarity in updates and release notes, I've decided to make a public document to act as the change log moving forward, instead of burying that info in this forum thread.

    It's linked to in the marketplace description as well, and I'll link to it in the readme whenever there's another update.

    Originally posted by Graeme VR View Post

    I'm using the Ultra Dynamic Sky and having issues when rendering out a scene using Sequencer and Volumetric fog.

    Please see attached screengrabs.

    The first pic is of what the scene looks like with the volumetric fog working before rendering.

    The second pic is the render results of an animation, with Volumetric fog not working, it doesn’t render, is there a setting I need to use to make it render?

    Basically the volumetric fog doesnt render out in animation.

    Kind regards
    Looks like your screens didn't get attached. I'm not seeing them.

    This isn't an issue I've encountered or had reported, so I'm not sure what might be happening. Email me at and include those screens and I'll try and figure out what might be going wrong.

    Ultra Dynamic Sky


      hi so i recently just bought UDS and im pretty happy for its performance.

      now i wanna sync up the time of day of UDS to the using open world system(OWS) and the creator has shown how to do this in this video:
      but i havent have any luck or rather i dont know what value should i use can u help me?

      here what i have done:

      if you have discord,that would be nice since im not really active when replying on discord name is KhaiSaki#1061
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        An update has gone up today for 4.24 with a few changes, fixes and new features. Here's the change list:

        - Added mobility settings into the Lights and Fog section to make handling static lighting easier.
        - Added two event dispatchers to the sky to help control weather effects. They're called "Start Rain" and "Stop Rain". The dispatchers will trigger when the cloud density hits a user set threshold. Simply bind the dispatchers to events in your weather blueprint and rain/snow can be controlled by the changes in cloud density.
        - Disabled the sky mesh visibility to ray tracing by default. An apparent engine bug in 4.24 is causing the sky mesh to seemingly break RTGI without shadows being turned on for the mesh. So by default, with RT enabled, reflections will fall back to skylight/captured reflections for the sky. (Based on my own tests, this is probably a good move for RT performance anyway.)
        - Changed default Disabled Brightness on the built in sun and moon components, so that distant meshes aren't as dark by default while cloud shadows are enabled.

        As always, you can refer to the changelogs here:

        Replied to your email.
        Ultra Dynamic Sky