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    [SUPPORT] Generic Shooter: Support Thread

    JOIN THE GENERIC SHOOTER SUPPORT DISCORD! Chat with other Generic Shooter Devs!

    New Wiki is a work in progress.


    Important: The 3D UI has been officially deprecated and will no longer be in 4.10+ versions. It has been replaced with a much better 2D UI system.

    Important: 4.17+ has been completely rewritten. It will take some time for documentation to catch up and for builds to be stable. Generic Shooter is moving toward a more modular system approach.

    • 100% Blueprint
    • First person and Third person camera views
    • Full support for multiplayer
    • Includes Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch game modes
      • Configurable options such as round timer and friendly fire
      • Randomly chosen teams with team name and team color support
    • Pre and Post game Lobby
    • In-game Chat
    • In-game Scoreboards
    • In-game Kill Feed
    • Configurable Instant Hit and Projectile weapons
    • Includes basic pistol, rifle, grenade launcher, and rocket launcher weapons
      • Includes very basic placeholder animations for first and third person
      • Weapons can be dropped, behave as physics objects, and can be picked back up
    • Ammo pickups
    • Hit markers and take damage indicators
    • 3D Frontend menu with full keyboard and mouse support
    • Persistent settings menu
    • Functional server list*
    • Customizable player hats
    • ...and lots of little things to add polish done through iterative feedback and playtests done on my twitch channel.


    Known Issues:

    In 4.17 if you can't hear other player's gunshots...
    1. Open up BP_Weapon_InstantHitComponent
    2. Open up the function SimulateInstantHit
    3. Add this node:
    4. Open up the function SimulateInstantMultishot:
    5. Add this node:

    In 4.18 if Deathmatch has the Server seeing players as one color and clients see another:
    1. Open up BP_TeamManagerComponent
    2. Open up the BuildTeamDisplayInfos function
    3. Add this node:

    07/24/2015: Ambitious Artichoke: General bug fixes and improvements, added a lobby, better support for explosion decals
    08/07/2015: Butchering Beagle:
    • Out of the box tested support for PC, Mac, Ubuntu, Android (Galaxy S5, Nvidia Shield Portable), iOS (iPad 2) and PS4.
      • Mobile support from me will be very limited. Also, mobile UI is playable, but its pretty annoying. Will revisit when I can add buttons and joysticks to the HUD without joysticks eating all input
      • Mobile "Join Session" node in BP seems to not work with OnlineSubsystemNull (engine bug), but mobile can connect to servers via 4-finger tap and "open" command
      • By setting the project's default map to MenuShell, the game will automatically load a Desktop or Mobile main menu based on what platform you are on
    • Crouch functionality has been added.
    • Fixed bug where map vote would stall if timer expires and no one has voted
    • Fixed bug where if a client joins the game late after the lobby screen has disappeared, their first person arms would appear invisible
    • Fixed bug where if you didn't give a player a Primary slot weapon by default, they would spawn holding nothing even if they had another non-Primary weapon

    08/10/2015: Epic-created update to fix "Add To Project" vs "Create Project" buttons in the launcher. If you already have the 08/07/2015 version, this update has nothing new feature or bugfix wise, and only addresses an issue with the launcher.
    09/22/2015: 4.9.1 version of Butchering Beagle released to the marketplace.
    11/13/2015: Generic Shooter marked 4.10 compatible without requiring any changes
    01/04/2016: Cathartic Crouton Released for 4.10+
    • Change: Entire 3D UI system has been ripped out and replaced with a much better and easier to use 2D UI
    • Change: Mobile and Desktop main menu paths merged together, only one main menu exists for desktop and mobile platforms now
    • Change: Did a deep animation pass and fixed many of the 4.7->4.8 animation issues. Made more placeholder animations. 1P weapons now are perfectly centered when aiming down sight when using offsets of 0,0,0.
    • Change: Minor performance optimizations across the board
    • Change: Improved asset file naming conformity (especially regarding animations)
    • Feature: Very much improved support for programmatic addition of Game Mode settings in the main menu UI (Tutorial coming soon)
    • Feature: Exposed "Prefer Third Person" to main menu settings
    • Feature: BP_Deathmatch (therefore all game modes) now has settings to control whether player nametags are visible
    • Feature: Basic jumping is now supported 'out of the box'
    • Feature: Fall damage
    • Bugfix: Unintentional vertical 1P jittering
    • Bugfix: Grenade Launcher explosion hitch related to obscure but reproducible Garbage Collection bug in core Engine
    • Bugfix: Empty sound cue VolumeTesting_SFX
    • Bugfix: Clients only see one impact for shotguns instead of scattered impacts (Client shotgun scattered impacts are now implemented but are only approximated to save bandwidth)
    • Bugfix: Looped weapon fire sound cues and muzzle flashes replicate incorrectly
    • Bugfix: Clients' auto reload is not in sync
    • Bugfix: Animation speed issues on clients, clients' run animations play at a faster rate than intended
    • Bugfix: Rocket projectiles are not rotated correctly on clients
    • Bugfix: LAN shows Online Games and Online Games shows LAN with Steam subsystem enabled
    • Bugfix: Dedicated servers don't properly clean themselves up after round end

    2/29/2016: Cathartic Crouton Patch 1
    • Change: Deep clean pass across all content
    • Bugfix: Looping muzzle flashes don't stop when running out of ammo
    • Bugfix: Tracer rounds don't have correct rotation on spawn
    • Bugfix: Weapons dealing double damage in many cases
    • Bugfix: Having only Team spawn points without any 'Any' spawn poitns causes 'Can't Find Player Start'
    • Bugfix: Semi-auto weapons don't respect Time Between Shots

    04/19/2016: Cathartic Crouton Patch 1 - 4.11
    05/18/2016: Cathartic Crouton Patch 2 - 4.11
    07/11/2016: Cathartic Crouton 4.12.5 (Must have Hotfix 5 or later)
    • Change: BP_PlayerCharacter and BP_PlayerCameraManager now use a First Person character mesh attached to a camera and spring arm. 4.12 mysteriously broke transform math for more optimized approach.
    • Bugfix: Fixed 4.12 related issues mostly related to broken nodes needing to be re-done.
    • Bugfix: When mouse is set to inverted, it becomes reset after death. Fix is shown here.
    • Bugfix: When weapon fire sound is set to loop but muzzle flash is not looping, weapon fire sound never stops on clients. Fix is shown here.
    • Bugfix: Sometimes client lobby screen titles are cut off. Fix is shown here.

    09/20/2016: Dank Drumstick 4.13
    • Change: 4.13 Compatibility
    • Change: All asset names now conform to
    • Change/Feature: Greatly reworked character definition system. Character infos are now defined as BP_CharacterInfo classes. This adds support for characters of different skeleton types. These character infos also define which animations to use with weapons, as well as weapon offsets
    • Change: Weapon animations are now pulled from character info and are not stored in weapon classes
    • Change: Server is now aware of client's camera view mode
    • Change: All impact effect decals now have lifespan default to 10 seconds instead of 0 seconds (so that they clean themselves up over time)
    • Feature: Very basic Foot IK, disabled by default. Hopefully improved in later versions by use of animation curves
    • Feature: Game modes now have an option to not shuffle team infos, thus making team info data static
    • Feature: Footsteps. Footsteps have the ability to have unique effects per physical surface type, however I only ship a generic footstep for all materials. Footstep effects are defined in BP_CharacterInfo classes
    • Feature: More consistent and better weapon fire line traces and projectile spawning
    • Feature: Player controllers now have a checkbox for picking a random more human readable player name on begin play
    • Bugfix: Client projectiles now no longer choppy in-flight -@gbr
    • Bugfix: Picking up ammo throws an error
    • Bugfix: Server not replicating listen server player third person impacts correctly
    • Bugfix: Weapon offsets were not working. Now replaced with new character info system

    03/21/2017: Electric Eel 4.15

    05/23/2017: Generic Shooter v1.6
    • Change: Versioning now purely numeric based from now on
    • Change: Folder structure for most assets have changed, dramatically. Take care when upgrading, as many asset references may become null. Mostly related to character art and animations.
    • Change: System used for picking up and interacting this has been modularized as Generic Interaction Component. This will be available as a separate marketplace asset, but its core comes shipped with Generic Shooter.
    • Change: UE4 4.16 compatibility. This is not backward compatible.
    • Change: Switched from caching function inputs to 4.16's function parameter direct access get nodes.
    • Bugfix: Fixed bad calculation of delta throw time in DetermineWeaponState.

    08/12/2017: Generic Shooter v1.7 (Unstable)
    Literally re-wrote almost every major system. This version is not backward-compatible in any sense. It also isn't forward compatible. The rewrite is still in process, but this version seems to be relatively bug-free, however, I'm sure my customers will find many, many bugs with this version. Generic Shooter is moving towards a more modular system approach. Here is the folder structure for this build:

    10/29/2017: Generic Shooter v1.8
    Rewrote even more systems. Much more modular. This version is not backward-compatible in any sense. It also isn't forward compatible. The rewrite is still in process, but this version seems to be relatively bug-free, however, I'm sure my customers will find many, many bugs with this version. Generic Shooter is moving towards a more modular system approach.

    Submitted: Generic Shooter v1.8.1


    Due to 4.17 changes, literally, all tutorials and documentation have to be rewritten. Documentation will be provided at
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    Due to 4.17 changes, literally, all tutorials and documentation have to be rewritten.
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      Looks great, good job. Will consider using this in future projects.


        good news)



          Status Changed!

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            Can i received a e-mail when this AWESOME thing comes out ?


              Weird, can't find it either =/
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                @Allar i wrote you two times a pm and i am confused, because of no reaction.
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                UE brings Math back into my life or i am not sure.


                  I'm hoping this will be available tomorrow. Can't wait to continue developing my project with this.


                    The release of this was delayed. [MENTION=1222]Allar[/MENTION] is working on correcting this asap.
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                      Delayed as in not coming to the Market Place this week?


                        Originally posted by MrMrC View Post
                        Delayed as in not coming to the Market Place this week?
                        Hopefully not.


                          just bought it. I'm gonna mess with it later
                          It's so UNREAL


                            Just purchased this as well, I have a couple questions I sent you via email to your support email address. In the meantime, I'd really like to see a traditional lobby system where after the server is started you go into a lobby and wait for other players to join and chat with others. When the server pressed play, then everyone is transferred into the game.

                            Make it optional for those who want it...

                            Thanks for all of your hard work, hopefully it's paying off for you!


                              So tempted to purchase this. Decision....decisions.