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    Hey guys

    Just a quick post to see whether this is something that people would like to and what things they would like to be in there, all the features will be fully customizable to allow you to achieve any type of MOBA style game you want.

    My Goals

    - Character move system similar to that of league of legends
    - Character stats e.g. Armor, Attack, Magic Attack, etc
    - Character abilities
    - Character selection screen
    - Shop system
    - Items
    - Multiplayer support
    - Minion/Creep AI
    - Tower system
    - Basic map
    - Jungle monsters/creeps
    - Third person mode
    - Optional movement systems including point and click and WASD
    - Levels and XP system
    - Gold/Money system

    Let me know what you guys think, is this something you would be interested in?

    Thanks everyone!
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    I can put this in a NOT point-and-click third person Game Mode, where you can to use WASD
    and space for movement and mouselook, to create a type thirdperson hack and slash MOBA game?



      Hey there,

      Yeah that is functionality that i can add in, not something i thought about but i will definitely be including this now
      Thanks for the suggestion



        Bump..... Inventory, hotbar, actionbar for spells, targeting system, floating text and Wave Generator for minions/creeps, waypoints/quest system and map with waypoints for huge open world, NPC interaction, ingame tower customization (upgrade for towers), riding system

        And just another crazy idea, team based CTF game crossover. Human player more some ai controlled pawns for single player, or more human players for multiplayer game mode.

        Luny :3


          Also is interesting a selector for a singleplayer campaign mode with RPG elements, and Steam ready.



            yeah it would be fun. I'll definitely buy this just to test and having fun by making something different. It must be fully customizable though. I'd like to test this on lots of gaming modes including my flight game.


              Hey everyone

              Just wanted to let you guys know that i have started work on the MOBA Template, I`m hoping to have a large amount of the features implemented in the new few weeks. I`ll keep you guys up to date on the post, thanks for all the feedback and I`ll be sure to take all of the ideas into consideration while I'm making the Template. Any other input would be very much appreciated!

              Thanks guys!
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                Floating combat text on the hit damage. Cascading XP amount in addition to level, healthbar, class and character's name over the heads in the jungle monsters, creeps, mobs, bosses, when they are targeted by player's crosshair.



                  I am very much interested in this. Big MOBA fan, will be following your progress. Good Luck!


                    I'd also be very interested in this. While I may not be working on a MOBA, the stuff you listed does crossover and work well for what I want to achieve. +1!


                      Thanks for the support everyone. Ill be posting regular updates here, but as a side note I am planning on finishing another project first so it will be a while before I start work on this again


                        Sounds good, Good luck!


                          This would be great to have! I'd like to add that all the Blueprint-based templates for creating game types like RPG, RTS, Top-Down, FPS, etc are popular and sell quite well. The first question many people exploring the Marketplace for the first time ask themselves is "what kind of game do I want to make?" so having a well-presented, well-documented package full of solved problems to help start them on their way is very compelling, so people frequently buy those first.
                          -jon [ web: | twitter: @jonjones ]


                            Hey there, i hope you don't take this as an offense post or something ):.

                            The basic idea is fine, but let us once really think about building a MOBA. What do we need for this?

                            - Stats are already buyalbe on the Market and easy to make
                            - Movement is explained in Tutorials
                            - Items and Shop System is okay
                            - The AI maybe too, but the AI of creeps or jungle monster is really simple
                            - The money and XP system is also pretty simple
                            - Tower and Character Selection would be interesting
                            - Spells and abilities is also on the Market or can be found in Tutorials

                            So the main things you would get with such a template are simple examples in Blueprints (which is good, don't get me wrong!)

                            But the main issue i have with this is: A person who needs this template to "create" a MOBA will 99% never finish a MOBA. It takes months of work
                            and the whole Server Side is C++ and needs additions and own Master Servers outside of UE4. MOBAs are a really big thing. This is the same as trying
                            to make an MMO alone as a beginner. As soon as you need a template to create the basic things for such a genre, you are way to much a beginner to
                            really finish this. These big projects will depress and dismay you to continue being a developer, because you will sooner or later run into things that you simply
                            can't solve with your given knowledge yet.

                            AGAIN! I'm not talking down your work or want to offend you. I just don't see the needs for this (you are asking for interest). I would love to see
                            some of these things but not to build a MOBA. Better make examples on how to create these things for all kind of projects. AI examples would be nice for all kinds
                            of monster (and turrets if you want).

                            That would be a way more useful submission in my eyes :X
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                            (Including 100+ Pages Multiplayer Network Compendium to get you started.)


                              Hey eXi,

                              I completely get where your coming from in regards to people not finishing games because of complexity and becoming bogged down. But I think that you are forgetting that a lot of people simply enjoy playing with the engine and working out what aspect of games development they enjoy, and a lot of people would just use a template to learn from something that works out of the box.

                              As far as the elements of the template, I think something looks a lot easier if you break it down like that, but just getting all of those components to work together in a networked way is no small task, let alone creating each of the components of the template and making it in an easy to use way with full documentation.

                              Our goal with this pack is to appeal to people looking to learn more about different genres development but also cater for people with a more in-depth knowledge, it would also be a good point to note that we plan to price this pack very reasonably.
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