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[WIP] Freezing hell

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    [WIP] Freezing hell


    I want to present my latest feature, the freezing hell.
    The thread's purpose is to measure the public interest of this feature, so I have an idea, whether or not I should submit it to the marketplace.

    What is it's function?

    The blueprint spreads ice over the whole map at runtime. It even spawns randomly ice crystals on the surface and aligns the crystals to the surfaces rotation and position, so you don't end up with ice crystals stuck in the landscapes/objects.
    But it doesn't end there. There are different blueprints, which do different things. The blueprints even have sounds, like cracking ice, flame crackling and so on.

    They even work in multiplayer!


    Burn: Spreads like the ice blueprint, but burns the surface instead of freezing it.
    Radiation: Doesn't spread, but is getting stronger and more visible over time. It also applies damage. The user just has to cast it to their respective character/object.
    Organic: Spreads like the ice blueprint, but covers the surface with goop or organic material.

    You can even change material settings and you can change the spread settings, like:

    - Max expansion distance
    - Update interval
    - Number of ice crystals
    - Ice crystal spawn interval
    - Expansion speed
    - Ice fog opacity over time

    Keep in mind that not all the blueprints have the same options, because they execute differently.

    What will be added additionally?

    - Random spawning volcanos
    - Blizzards
    - Magma spread
    - Life spread

    And possibly more things.

    Which price range is to be expected?

    I decided to release it for free. Yep, completely free. I can't say the ETA yet. But I will work on it again, when my other project is finished (which shouldn't take too long).

    What are the caveats?

    - Decal affectation. When you don't want an object to be affected by the spread, you have to disable it in your objects rendering properties. At the moment it isn't possible to change the affectation of decals at runtime. This might change in the future though.

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    UE4 game developer.

    Creator of the WIP "Freezing hell":

    This is cool!!
    [FREE] Procedural Bridge Blueprint, [FREE] Spline Enabled Ivy BP


      Thank you for your kind words .
      UE4 game developer.

      Creator of the WIP "Freezing hell":


        Thanks for the interest! I also edited my first post, because I forgot something. The blueprints work in multiplayer too.
        UE4 game developer.

        Creator of the WIP "Freezing hell":


          I would buy it, if i didnt use it id **** sure play with it lol
          Interested in having someone review your game? want to do an interview on it?

          This check out this website.

          Working on a game as well.


            Very Cool!!! Now we need an opposite effect, a very cracked and viscous hellish magmatic incandescent effect including lava bubbles spraying lava particles when erupts, sulfur fumes with an intense heat refraction and diabolical flames.


              Thanks you all for your interest! I plan on making an update video in a couple of days.

              @luny: I am working on it and it looks pretty nice .
              UE4 game developer.

              Creator of the WIP "Freezing hell":


                Hi, kirahirasai

                My anxiety and curiosity to see this is killing me.



                  That looks pretty cool kirahirasai!


                    Sorry for the late response . I have been busy creating a pretty interesting project and it took a lot of thought and effort to get the concept right.

                    I wanted to show an update video, which sadly was delayed through above reasons. I will certainly do one, when I'm working on it again and am satisfied with the result. I don't want to get you a shoddy pack .

                    Because I love you guys and this great community, I decided to NOT place it on the marketplace. I find it pretty restricting in some regards. But that is no bad news for ya, I swear!

                    It will therefore be available for everyone. It will be a free download. I can't give you a release date, because I have to finish up something first. After that is done, I will probably complete the pack^^.

                    There will be some new things available like :

                    Necrospread: Spreads bones and slimy goo around the impact zone (with some slight fog over the ground)

                    If anyone is interested in my other project, I can give you a little 3d model artwork. You may have seen it somewhere... :

                    Connect it to the term "game" and you should have a hint, what I do .

                    Anyways, have a nice day!
                    UE4 game developer.

                    Creator of the WIP "Freezing hell":


                      Hi kirahirasai

                      You are quitting this project?
                      I was looking forward to see it on Marketplace!!!!



                        He said it wasn't going on the marketplace, free download instead. And this is the first time I have seen this thread, this looks cool! It would be nice if you could add some fringe to the edges of the blend. Especially jagged patterns for ice.
                        Last edited by _cDub; 07-02-2015, 10:14 AM.


                          Yes, cDub is right. I intend to release it for free. I will enhance some effects too, but for now I'm not able to work on the pack. But it shouldn't take too long, when I work further on the project .
                          UE4 game developer.

                          Creator of the WIP "Freezing hell":


                            Hello again

                            A question for _cDub: What do you mean with "fringe to the edges of the blend?". Can you post a picture?

                            2nd thing: Jagged patterns are planned. I will probably use a texture and overlay it on the whole material.
                            UE4 game developer.

                            Creator of the WIP "Freezing hell":