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SuperGrid - Fast Level Prototyping

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    Looks great! Just another feature that should be built into UE4!

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    Aww * ,* This is awesome!

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    Originally posted by Luos View Post
    so.. uhm..
    Lets call this what it is, just a few meshes with some math applied to the uv to make it tile depending on its X, Y and Z axis.
    but you are kind of making it sound more intriguing than it in reality is.
    I've said specifically what it is in my post
    Basically it is a pack of materials and modular meshes with special UV layout that combined gives you great level prototyping potential!
    Originally posted by Luos View Post
    Whats the difference between this and the content found here: ?
    Again, I mentioned it in my post. World aligned materials like this get distortions with rotation + scrolling effect, mine - does not

    Also, I don't provide raw material functions, I provide also meshes, textures with roughness, masks, normals and etc. I thought I made it obvious with screenshots

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    To Rephrase:
    I do think this is a rather simple setup, but especially for beginners and people who like fast, clean workflow when mapping out a leveldesign this can be very valueble.
    I got to ask though: whats the difference between this and the content found here: ?
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  • started a poll SuperGrid - Fast Level Prototyping

    SuperGrid - Fast Level Prototyping

    Welcome to SuperGrid!
    Purchase on Marketplace

    Download Demo

    Latest version changelog

    • New SuperGrid Master BP - allows to change materials of all SuperGrid meshes on the level simultaneously
    • New SuperGrid Group BP - allows to assign single material to group of SuperGrid meshes and manipulate them
    • New Stairs BP- basic dynamic stairs implementation tht utilizes SuperGrid material features [Extended in next update]
    • New SuperGrid Wall BP - create SuperGrid walls by drawing spline
    • New Material: Painted Panels
    • New Material: Holographic Refractions
    • New Material: Metal Hexagons
    • New Changelog UI BP in Lobby - Stay on grid!
    • New Mesh & Texture: Ramp - create walkable slopes

    Bugfixes & updates
    • Improved and refactored Character blueprint
    • Platform BP has been updated with new functionality
    • Smooth crouch animation for Character blueprint [Press CTRL to enjoy!]
    • Chamber 1.0.2 has been finished
    • Chamber 1.1 has been added
    • Lobby has been improved with new icons, portals and UI
    • Fixed Broken LUTs
    • Fixed incorrect UV scaling on Stairs mesh
    • Fixed various errors in logs[Deprecated nodes, Lighting issues and etc]
    • Fixed a collision issue with Stairs and Plane meshes
    • Various Bugfixes

    SuperGrid is a pack of special materials and modular meshes designed to make level prototyping workflow faster, easier and more fun!

    If you are a fan of dynamic and straightforward level creation process then you will feel right at home — you can move, rotate and scale meshes without fear of texture stretching or distortions

    Materials are easy to customize without overwhelming amount of settings, yet powerful enough to provide wide variety materials!

    If you want to dig deeper - base materials are well documented and includes custom nodes for visual simplicity and coherent workflow.

    Starter pack includes fully featured level/mini-game, that will guide you through SuperGrid assets and common usage scenarios.

    Coming soon!

    Additional information
    • No texture stretching during scaling
    • Material alignment is object based, so texture does not get "scrolling" effect during movement and rotation like tri-planar materials usually do
    • Meshes for prototyping(The number of meshes is still WiP)
    • Variety of materials(The number of materials is still WiP)
    • Pivot points placement in favor of prototyping convenience
    • Bonus assets, such as blueprints, sound effects, particle effects, volumetric materials and animated materials that were used for tutorial map.
    • Specify grid size in centimeters(units)
    • Each mesh has proper collision that works good with scaling.
    • Each texture file contains 3 different masks + roughness that later combined together and could be manipulated separately.

      Old video to demonstrate basic process, fully-fledged trailer is coming soon!

    Future releases and updates

    Starter pack is the first product of SuperGrid and focused mostly on basic modular meshes and neutral-themed materials.
    Eventually new packs will come up and they will have specific theme(For example: Architecture, Sci-Fi, Llamas, etc) or will be focused on new advanced features(For example: vertex animated mesh and chamfered box that scales correctly without deformations)
    However, already released packs won't be forgotten and each pack will be updated with new core features, core modular meshes, bug fixes and etc.

    Pricing policy

    I decide to release small(But big enough so you won't feel cheated ) and medium-sized packs with strong llamas theme in 10$-25$ pricing range rather than large bulky packs with price that gravitate towards 100$
    Also this method allows to release new content and push updates more often!

    If you have any questions, requests or feedback - feel free to post them right away!
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