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The Unreal Marketplace Improvement and Feedback Thread

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    ​Price tags are unreadable since local currency just showed up. Not only the amount of cash its difficult to compute, but It's already been asked many times to provide switch between currencies. Guess here is one more reason to support that request.
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      Originally posted by Konflict View Post
      It's already been asked many times to provide switch between currencies. Guess here is one more reason to support that request.
      ^ This ^...

      Anyone else seeing USD prices for 50 USD when logged out (or using a webpage proxy: /
      And 50 Euro prices for the SAME PRODUCT when logged in. News just in: Euro / USD is trending around or near 1.20.
      This isn't very transparent Epic... It makes you go and just buy the product directly from the creator, which is what I did.
      If the discrepancy is outside Epic's control (SalesTax / VAT regional difference) then please add a popup note to explain.

      TJ V
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        EntrpriseCustomr Thanks for the ping!


          As a seller of Code Plugins, I would like to submit a single Project Version of my code plugin that support multiple engine versions, if the code plugin is identical for all supported engine versions apart from the "EngineVersion" value in the .uplugin file (currently not possible as per Marketplace Guideline 1.4.2c).


            Just to add an opinion here. I have spent maybe maybe close to £1000 pounds in that market place. I am a CAD expert, and there is some sellers on that market place that truly impress me.

            However I have developed, some pet hates regarding the Market place and the sellers. If I may give off in a useful format...…..

            1. Don't present me with a sofa that has no matching arm chair because I end up having to hack one or the other to make it myself. Which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place.

            2. Don't bake the materials on the static mesh, otherwise I have to edit your mesh, redo the UV's and materials. I'm spending money to avoid a workload. This does not help.

            3. Please do not upload any models that do not have a properly placed origin point, other wise I have to edit this myself and fix the freaking thing for you after paying you for it..

            4. Pricing, some people sell quality items for a fair price, others sell bad models for more. I want a pricing poll for every seller, so that users can highlight good value or not.

            5. Stop stealing stuff from old 3Dmax scenes and if you do, sort the freaking polygon count out. Your freaking sofa is using more memory than my entire scene !!!!!

            If all you sellers want me to spend more money, adhere to these requests, and I'm your best customer.


              For the love of god please give us the ability to hide or block sellers from appearing on search results. I don't say this as some type of attack on sellers. It's just that there are many times I'm browsing the discounts and I see 5000000+ products I'm not interested in from the same seller. If I know I don't want 'Orc Models' (No shade to any sellers) then I also don't want to have 5000000+ discounted 'Orc Models' from the same seller clogging up my search results.


                I'd like to be able to offer additional files such as Blender source files on a Animation Pack. Is this really not possible at all just by including a zip file in the Content folder?