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The Unreal Marketplace Improvement and Feedback Thread

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    Originally posted by Antidamage View Post
    remember that you're not permitted to take marketplace assets outside of the Unreal Engine ecosystem. You're not buying a license to use them in Unity or some other thing. You're buying a license to use them in Unreal Engine.
    Everything you just wrote is false, please take the time to read your license agreement or at least the FAQ regarding usage rights.

    Excerpt from UE4 Marketplace FAQ:
    Q: Can I use these products in other gaming engines, like Source or Unity?
    A: Any Marketplace products that have not been created by Epic Games can be used in other engines.
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      Really happy with the progress made over the last year. Would love to see implementation of a Wishlist and a Cart for multiple items.


        Originally posted by Diglet23 View Post
        I think the way the marketplace works is fraudulent. If i buy a pack i should be able to download it to myself into a folder. Now all i can do is add it into some project and maybe extract things out that way but thats not how one would expect things to go.
        Go to wherever you installed you launcher:
        \Launcher\Epic Games\Launcher\VaultCache
        and you can find the content there if its downloaded, that way you can move the files around.
        Not something I'd suggest, but well... here we are.


          I would like to have a button in the store "liked assets". That would be very convenient . Something you're not going to buy yet, but maybe you'll buy it in the future. Then it will not be necessary to search for it among others.
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            I would like to ask Epics to fix the Launcher to be able to download more than 1000 bought assets.


              Hi there UE Marketplace devs.
              I am a computer engineer. I can use Blueprints pretty much but I am not a designer or animator. (I don't have designing taste at all )
              For example, I want to create a huge multiplayer FPS game template for marketplace with rich gameplay mechanics, lobbies, weapons, character etc.
              But I don't have experience to create animations, characters, materials, UI design and etc. I know MoCapOnline's animations are good, and Bugrimov Maksim's characters are good.
              I don't want to deal with creating those things by myself and I want to be able to add a dependency option to those contents in marketplace's Add Product section.

              For example, my huge game template product has dependecies on MoCapOnline's animations, Bugrimov Maksim's characters, etc.
              The person who wants to buy my game template will automatically buy other contents which my content is depended on.
              For other example, I have a speedo & tachometer widget blueprint or music player scene component content in marketplace right now. And some other content creator wants to create a huge racing game template but creating a procedural speedometer or in-game music player feature will cost extra time.
              We can increase the examples. A FPS/TPS game template complete-project which depends on Vlad Serbanescu's UWORKS, Vladimir Alyamkin's VaRest plugin or Quick and Easy's WeaponComponent will let a designer not struggle with anything than creating Skeletal Meshes and animations. And this way,

              As any game director knows, creating individual features is hard but putting them together is harder work.
              Of course the content creator who wants to use other people's work, must bought the content first. Then request permission from dependant content's creator to use it in a complete project.
              I think this will also make a huge impact on marketplace sales upwards.

              Best Regards,


                Suggestion for a new tab alongside Description, Reviews, and Questions ... Version History. This would allow UE Marketplace developers to announce (in reverse chronological order) when a new build is released, along with a bullet-point list of new fixes and features. Should be very helpful for everyone to see how active a product is and also possibly be an already-available, proactive response to user questions.