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    He should be working on a documentation right now, so you got to be a bit patient I guess.

    Beside the complexity of the system I would like to point on the performance side of things. I'm on a relatively strong machine, and opening a empty 30x30 Itemcontainer drops the fps from 150 to 15. Is this optimizable in some ways like creating fixed container/inventory sizes which don't need to call each slot individually?


      * Just a Thought*

      Some honest insight Mr. Dev, You might want to make it clear that this is truly setup for a "1st person shooter" controller/game In the Market Place. The system is awesome ,but I just spent 4 hours watching your vids step by step by step. And finally said screw it/lol. I created a massive 3rd person/only game and would love this system but.... Just food for thought sir! Maybe you could create a separate 3rd person version in 5mins for us in the Market Place? I wanna trade this 1st person system in lol.

      Here's my email if you take "5 mins" to throw a 3rd person version together for me

      Thank You Sir!


        Hmm AlexW88 i will need to look in to that.
        Not many if any functions happen on tick because it was easy to have it done with event systems (but i'm sure i can optimize some of those events!). My biggest concern right now is, as you point out, the complexity of the system. I want to really make solid documentation, but even more importantly, letting you guys know the most important bits. I also would be happy to release its sister project in C++ but right now i dont have the means to do so. It preforms faster of course, but is unsupported by the market place right now (and some people prefer blueprints even for big systems).

        Right now i am working really hard on documentation, i want to cover everything broadly with a website and make functions searchable- then go through and provide video tutorials to preform more advanced functions that will use all the features together. I have made a few videos over this weekend- they could be more polished but i want to cover the content as soon as possible (you will need to forgive the "umms" and "ahhh.."'s). I'm finding the documentation to be tricky and would love feedback when its released in its earliest form on Monday.
        JcInventory, a Jigsaw Grid based Inventory designed in UMG and blueprint


          Hey Dereke1227, Could you not put your camera on a boom? And set the third person mesh in the viewport to whatever you want? Third person is just that! Make sure you set the viability of the first person hands to false.
          I am also working on documentation to apply the system onto any pawn. So you could attach it to a third person pawn if you liked that way.
          Perhaps it will help? Dereke1227 i remeber a good tut video for making third person work with first person, maybe understanding that would give you a better understanding of the camera boom. this was not the one i was thinking of but the concepts are the same.

          Some additional thoughts on game mechanics, i would use a sphere trace not a line trace to collect objects, make it a little easier.
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          JcInventory, a Jigsaw Grid based Inventory designed in UMG and blueprint


   first draft of documentation.
            A lot more detail to go into it yet. Right now its very brief and not amazingly written, but i wanted to get the skeleton down as soon as possible.

            The video tutorials should be helpful. Example (enjoy me struggling to say encumbrance- or "Enquemb-er-ance")
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            JcInventory, a Jigsaw Grid based Inventory designed in UMG and blueprint


              A wiki is actually a quite nice idea. I created an account at and was going to add a new section for How To's which may contain quick answers to simple questions someone might have. But apparently I didn't had the permission todo so, so I've just added a plain page with some quick how to's I encountered when working with the system. These things took me quite a while to solve on my own due to the interlaced nature of the system. Unfortunately I did so before looking into your video which would show me, that you covered already some parts of the stuff I just wrote down

              Anyway, since watching videos can be quite lengthy, (specially if you just want to make some simple change) I believe it might be a good idea to keep this. At least I prefer some searchable documentation over skipping through hours of videos to find the one thing I'd like to know right now. If you think it's obsolete you may of course just delete it.


                Actually i changed the permissions to avoid vandalism, i was expecting not much help from the community and just wanted to format of a wiki because i like there non linier nature. How wrong was i!
                @AlexW88 Thank you very much for the contribution, i will change the permissions and add it to the wiki. Your on going advice with this project is really really appreciated.

                Speaking of community contributions, Axxi has made me a new graphic for JcInventory after i was helping him through some of the system and we both acknowledged how poor my art skills where! I love this design so much, i intend to do a video soon of re skinning JcInventory and i will use this as the new skin.
                Click image for larger version

Name:	axxiJcInv.jpg
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ID:	1076579

                @Axxi, if i release this, what license can people use this under? I'm sure people would much rather use it as place holder then staring at my odd gold borders!

                Finally, What tutorial would you guys like me to make next?
                Examples, adding JcInventory into shooter game, Reskinning the interface, or maybe just a more simple breakdown of each struct and what its used for?

                Let me know!
                JcInventory, a Jigsaw Grid based Inventory designed in UMG and blueprint


                  Happy to help. It's 100% free to use it with the JCInventory


                    my favorite would be an action bar tutorial or to equip the backpack on a character slot and to recive aditional inventory slots


                      I would like a tutorial to rearrange the slots to your liking because I rearranged and added some slots and whenever I add an item it just gets eaten up lol. Dont know what I changed


                        The new graphics are definitely more generic, and as such more usable for a broader range of people - good decision, well done.

                        While Action Bars are probably rather a new feature (feature wise I would like to throw in the idea of right click to equip/unequip from the player inventory or whatever containers are assigned as "player inventory" and shift right click to move the item from the player inventory to the active container). However I would also like to see a tutorial about equipping backpacks to receive more inventory space. Moreover I would love to see how to completely get rid of the default Inventory, and pickup any item directly to the corresponding equipment slots - and then create the inventories for the player whenever the equiped item provides inventory space e.g. backpacks, belts (though this is probably a new feature too .

                        alanconrad, actually I'm quite sure Staggerlee has already made a tutorial for this (I haven't watched it yet though) But I also added a How To to the Wiki that should do what you want without "consuming" your items. If you don't get it to work correctly this way please report back so I may fix up things, if you have any additional information feel free to add it there!


                          Actually AlexW88 & Axxi i think we could get that going.
                          It wont be the next tutorial i do however because it will use a few systems at once, and i would like to document them fully first.
                          Just so we are on the same page, you would like to see a system where if you pick up and item with a Slot type other then misc it will equip onto the player, and add inventory space for misc items to be stored. Its actually a pretty cool and unique system, and wont be too hard to set up!

                          It will cover
                          -> Making new attributes
                          -> Handling Equip items and de-equipping items
                          -> Overwriting the standard pawn function pick up [not really part of the system, just standard game logic stuff]
                          -> Setting the player equip slots with code (by force)
                          -> Re-sizing the Player inventory at run time.

                          I would like to make a video on each one of these operations individually, then i can compile them together. So i would only need to make a video on resizing the player inventory at run time! the rest is covered in a round-a-bout way. After that i can make this a tutorial but it might be a little long!
                          JcInventory, a Jigsaw Grid based Inventory designed in UMG and blueprint


                            I can't speak for Axxi, but I made a quick and dirty image to show what I would like to achive:Click image for larger version

Name:	dayum.png
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ID:	1076608. If you pickup a different backpack one might want to make a prompt asking if the items of the old backpack should be transfered into the new one.


                              u are the reason why i wait with a buy cause i want it be fully functional and nice polished :3 thx!


                                @AlexW88 I see, reminds me a bit of the ARMA system. Actually this would not be too tricky with the back pack system, one would only need to add to open the backpack and change its open position to below the player inventory when you open or close the inventory. Another way to implement it would be to change the players inventory size depending what backpack he had equip.
                                The only problem i could see would be if you picked up a gun or other item, would it go into the backpack or into the players hands. Really depends on what your doing. i think the request is a little to specific for the documentation right now and I would be happy to help with this project, but i don't want to include it in the main documentation because i don't want to confuse people.

                                I also noticed there is currently a small bug with changing the players inventory size, there's no RPC function for it so it wont work on multiplayer. Very easy to fix and it will be in the next push for the project but i will also include how to make the RPC function on the wiki and post it here.

                                @Kanizitas there is no harm in that. Documentation is coming my friend. But i want everyone to know you have my full support extending the system.
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                                JcInventory, a Jigsaw Grid based Inventory designed in UMG and blueprint