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Vehicle Pack Vol.1 [SUBMITTED]

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    I wanted to know if the Vehicle pack is still on? I can’t see it anymore on Trello.

    Olivier Demangel




      This is in its final stages and in the hands of Epic currently. As far as I know, its all good to go, and they will roll it out pretty quick.


        I wouldnt pay $70 for this, nor $100. Not because the work isn't good, but only because its quite pricey for only 5 vehicles.

        Show me the police car, ambulance, cargo van, cube truck, brinks style security truck, utility trailer, BUS!!
        If the vehicles can be used for actually driving in a game (like the wheels can spin as separate meshes from the main car etc), then $15-20 each is good deal. In which case, sell them separately. if it took you 10 hours to do one car.. @ 25 an hour you need to sell 17 of them at $15. My guess is the subsequent cars were quicker in time? Anyway.

        I'd sell a separate pack of just static models to use for scenery much cheaper... like $15 for the pack of 5. Or like $30 for this and the ones I mentioned above.
        I have a bunch of vehicles as static scenery in my game... they are just ports from Unity assets which are extremely cheap compared to the price points mentioned here. They are not drivable assets though. Right now I don't need that.

        Good luck and keep up the good work!
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          The pack will hit the stores at $85.