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    I think what is happening is as soon as the character walks onto a new plane and their normal is updated and since the spring is attached, the spring arm keeps that relative angle it had before the update but the jump from the camera's previous position to the new position is drastic and that's what's causing the issue so I'm guessing the solution is to write a custom camera actor to follow the actor. I was under the impression that your camera manager was the reason but it seems it is just a default behavior of ue4's spring arm.


      New version submitted, compatible with UE 4.26, to be approved in the coming hours/days.

      - Cleanup of unneeded SupportedPrograms section in .uplugin file.
      - Fixed ComputeGroundMovementDeltaEx function to allow no delta movement offset to avoid assert/crash.
      - Improved crouch offset support for attached skeletal mesh component in NinjaCharacter.
      --- Mesh crouch offset works properly if using absolute world position (happens with smooth interpolation).
      - Disallowed smooth interpolation of attached skeletal mesh component in remotely controlled NinjaCharacters.
      - Added SmoothComponentLocation/SmoothComponentRotation Blueprint callable functions to NinjaCharacter.
      - Simplified Blueprint graph of NinjaDumbCharacter05_BP example.
      --- No need to cache initial relative location and rotation for the attached skeletal mesh component.
      Ninja Character Code Plugin
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