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Art of Shader - Film And Special Effects

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    [RELEASED] Art of Shader - Film And Special Effects

    Click image for larger version  Name:	AOS_FilmAndSpecialEffects_Screenshot01.jpg Views:	0 Size:	579.9 KB ID:	1812151

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    Art of Shader - Film and Special Effects is a pack of 47 Post Process Blendable Materials that you can customize and tweak to give a desired post process effect to your scene. The Blueprint Actors facilitate the easy combining, blending and grouping of the Post process materials based on certain common properties. From simple color tone effects including SplitTone, LinearTone, ColorShift, ACESToneMapping and Sepia, to advanced special effects including RainShader, Wobbly, DisplacedGlass, Ripple, Camouflage, NightVision and many more, choose, combine and customize via the parameterized material instances to suit your style.

    Minimap, Map and Navigation System
    Runtime FBX Import
    Art of Shader - Stylized Post Process
    Art of Shader - Film And Special Effects