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Underwater Submarine Sci-fi Vehicle 3D Models

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    Underwater Submarine Sci-fi Vehicle 3D Models

    So I am new to the unreal forums so please let me know if I am posting in the wrong place or if I should be doing things differently.
    Anyways I made this Submarine using Blender 2.83 and Quixel Mixer. Right now it's a UV-Mapped 3D-Model with 32 522 Polygons and with Materials.
    However, I am going to create additions to this model like weapons, sensors, and arms to manipulate things in the environment and different LOD levels.
    On top of that, I am planing a smaller version of this sub and a bigger one. Thinking along the lines of upgrades for the ship.
    The end goal is to create a pack with all these models, animations, and also a modular environment with ice-caves or something like that. Please let me know what you think.
    I created a little video to showcase what I have done so far.