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    [RELEASED] Web Browser Plugin [UMG]

    Web Browser Plugin v1.0
    The default web browser widget with extended features like multiple tabs, history, address bar, URL masking etc.

    This video is a preview of the Web Browser standalone plugin used in our Operating System and Terminal Simulator plugin.
    *Note. The Operating System and Terminal Simulator and Draggable and Resizeable Window is not part of this plugin, its just for preview.

    • Multi Tabs Browsing
    • Back and Forward Navigation
    • Web History
    • Home Page
    • Reload
    • Browse only https pages (optional)
    • White Listing web pages. Visiting non white listed pages will display error Page.
    • Our own implementation of custom web browser object that supports events for documentation load start, load completed and load error (exposed to Blueprints).
    • Each tab is a separate widget that tracks its own history.
    • Browser address bar
    • Create your own custom internal browser URLs. (similar to chrome://chrome-urls)
    • Mask real web URLs with your own custom URLs in game.
    • supports custom html files
    Join our Discord Server for support.

    Code Modules:
    • InternetBrowserUMG - Runtime
    Number of Blueprints: 3
    Number of C++ Classes: 1
    Network Replicated: No
    Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
    Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android, PS4
    Demo Package Build: Widows, Mac, Linux

    Use our Draggable and Resizable Window Plugin if you require the Web Browser Widget to be kept inside a window.

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