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UE Launcher 1.7.1-2304152: now Preview (4.5.0) installing issue

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    UE Launcher 1.7.1-2304152: now Preview (4.5.0) installing issue

    Hi friends,

    I've come across a little trouble attempting to install new preview (I think it's 4.5.0 preview as I can see its source in the official repo).
    When I try to install the preview I got "Subscribe" button active instead of "Install" one. As I understand an active "Subscribe" button should mean that the currently logged in user hasn't got an active subscription.
    My subscription is active as I can install any other version of UE4 except the latest preview one (see the screenshot below).
    Click image for larger version

Name:	UELauncher.jpg
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    Thank you for any help or an explanation in case I've missed something.

    Thanx again and have a nice day,
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    +1, same problem.
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      I assume we have/ had the same issue.

      It was a bug.


        +1 affected. My subscription is active, but even earlier versions show only the subscribe button.
        I'm using launcher 1.8.0-2311636.

        Edit: Fixed it. The problem for me was the last preview. We had to insert "-AppLabel=Production-4.4.1HotfixPreview" on the launcher. Now removing it allowed me to download 4.5 preview.
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