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    Originally posted by TheCaffeinatedPanda View Post
    The sample content works great - you appear to have floating columns underwater by the ship, though

    Unfortunately, my postprocessing volume looks exactly the same as that...

    I think the issue may be that the files themselves aren't being imported - the only way for me to even view them in the content browser is to copy and paste the folder into the content directory, and the preview images are blank. Should this be the case, or might it be a problem with the download?

    Thanks for trying to help
    Ah, I got you. Open up the sample project in the Unreal Editor and select all of the files in the "Presets" folder. Right-click and choose "migrate". It'll tell you what it's about to migrate (every supporting file) and then ask you to select the destination Content folder. Choose the Content folder within your target project, then open up your other project again.

    This is how you'll always want to move assets between projects. Just copy-and-pasting will break a whole lot of things.
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      Speaking of the water shader, here's a video of it:

      It's going to need a few more things like foam decals, etc. Stuff I haven't done before but should be able to figure out pretty easily.


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          Just made a major improvement to the way the heavy outline shader works. Previous it drew a fixed width line based on edge detection of a depth buffer. Now it uses the depth buffer to draw a line whose width is based on edge detection intensity. This acts like a masked fresnel shader on the object, without actually needing to put a fresnel shader on the object. Here's a slightly exaggerated example:



          The result is much less artificial looking.

          This will be a toggleable option in the shader so that you can choose your outline method.

          It's a pretty low-fi, dirty effect and I love it!

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            I can't actually download the sample project - all of the Mega links tell me that the file is unavailable (I've downloaded what I believe is an early version from the very first post on your previous thread - it's a github link, but only has the shaders and presets - any way to actually import them?)

            On another note, I love that effect against the sky


              I've deleted all of the sample content (Apart from the most recent playable build) from Mega as they were all out of date. Check out the GitHub link in the first post.

              Edit: wait, I just read what you said properly. I need to upload the whole thing. Gimme 15 minutes.


                Hmm. The git repo SHOULD already have everything you need:

                Download that ( and open the file CelShaderSmall.uproject and then go through the migration steps a few posts back. I just verified that you can clone it out and run it, so you should be good. Let me know if you're still having trouble and I'll go into more detail.

                Edit: git repo is now updated. Grab the updates!
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                  It works!
                  You sir, are a god among men.

                  I only get the outlines when an actor is silhouetted against the skybox, but I'm guessing I'll have to play around with the settings...

                  I'll have to upload some screenshots or a demo build when it's done.


                    Glad it works now

                    That's where things get fun. You must have "something" for the cel shader to work with. I throw in a sky sphere, a landscape and a textured model and start there. Pick textures with some detail, or models with a lot of overlapping mesh detail. As you can see in the screenshots above the future sample content has a lot going on at a per-pixel level and a lot of different planes of depth. If you want to increase the overall detail, increase the Cel Detail Line Power control. You can start making the shader pick out and enhance even subtle detail - the squashed circles on the sand in the last shot above are a good example of this.

                    Oh, and light it up! Give your sun light source an intensity of at least 10.

                    Show us screenshots as soon as you have something you want to share!
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                      It did occur to me that perhaps the starter content was too basic. My team is full of complete newbies, myself included, so I don't know if we'll quite do the pack justice, but we're hoping to get some detailed models done - the modeller seems to have started off with our viking's battleaxe, so I look forward to seeing the effects the shader has on that!
                      It seems fair to warn you that I may have something to share with you by next week, or it may not be for a month! It'll come, though


                        It's always tough starting out, hang in there!


                          Quick clip of that effect above in motion. Make sure you fullscreen it and up the resolultion.

                          I'm going to have to figure out a way to make the ink ooze and curl around.


                            Here's some 50/50 shots of the cel shader in use in the ShooterGame content example, using the Dirty Manga preset with semi-flattened colour and a golden tone map to warm it up:

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                              Looks ok, didn't like that gold Filter that much, like the more blue original one more for such a SciFi Setting. And I think the outlines are too thick. But that is all a personal taste and could be changed in your Settings, so for showing the shader absolutely ok.

                              Are the Pictures made all with the same Settings?

                              Would it be possible that the outlines get thinner on the Distance? For me it looks like a bit wrong when the outlines far away are as thick as that on a near object. Far away because of the outlines too much details get lost and the outlines looks thicker even when they are not thicker. Could be good seen on the Lamps at the last Picture and the Terminal on the last one looks also wrong, too much dark and too less luminosity.
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                                I beefed the line weight up a bit for the screenshot. Here's the Sci Fi Hallway with a green fluorescent tint and a lighter detai lline weight instead: