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    I think the Price is fair, there is a lot of Work in it and we User of this Shader have a lot of Settings to work with and make it easy to use it. Also when there is future Support with new Features etc. it is all fine for me. So I hope you didn't drop the Development soon after Release. ^^

    Free Stuff is nice, but often as a normal User you must look who update that Stuff for you for example for new UE4 Versions.

    Holly Sh.. that is awesome: That is what I want to reach, but for a Game.
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      I've been using Ddo and Ndo for quite some time now and I really love them both. I really wish Megascans would release already, though.


        That price point is a steal. Thanks for making that available. Can't wait for it to hit the store.


          Now that I'm home and not trying to avoid work, I see that I was looking at an old thread and this is way further ahead than I thought. Yey!

          As for the price, I'll pay for it even though I'll probably never finish my game because reasons. Thanks for your effort, it looks amazing and can't wait to try it.


            I think we're all terrified of not finishing our masterpieces. I know my goalposts keep moving.

            Thanks for the vote of support


              so will you include tutorial on how to get it to work with particles(masked) as im sure most people if they bought it would be let down to discover particles wont work at all unless masked


                Originally posted by WarpSpasm View Post
                so will you include tutorial on how to get it to work with particles(masked) as im sure most people if they bought it would be let down to discover particles wont work at all unless masked
                I love talking about this! And it's also much more complicated than that!

                A bit of background: Unreal Engine's render pipeline uses deferred translucency. This means that first it renders everything that's opaque (or masked), then it renders everything translucent, then it combines them together like a post-process effect. What complicates things is that the cel shader post-process layer can happen BETWEEN these steps. By default it does because that looks better (although you can change this and cel-shade translucent materials too.)

                When I was developing in XNA way back in 2009 I was also doing deferred translucency and I made use of this issue! When you're cel shading, water looks better if you cel shade the ground behind it then apply the translucency over top. Then when I remade the shader this year in UE I made the same accidental discovery all over again. Go me.

                The end result is this:

                The water can be made more or less opaque as far as the cel shading lines are concerned. It can also be made more or less opaque in relation to the colour behind it as a totally independent control. This water shader IS included in the Advanced Cel Shading Pack because it's dope.

                So how does this apply to particles? Well, depending on your particle material you'll either be using lights, a masked material or a translucent material. Like WarpSpasm mentions above, translucent materials aren't cel-shaded normally! Fortunately most situations in which you'd use a translucent materials, the edge detection wouldn't pick up the edges and shade them anyway. By changing how you do opacity, you can choose if you want your particle to be heavily cel shaded like a normal object, or lightly shaded behind it like water.



                So finally, you CAN tell the cel-shader post process material to run AFTER the deferred translucency. I experimented with this a bit in the beginning but haven't gone back to it as I didn't want to have to tweak my settings all over again to make it look good. I think the issue was that the lighting is ALSO deferred and it was really messing with my settings at the time. It's certainly worth another look.

                Also worth mentioning: I AM writing a user guide for the cel shader which will have screenshots demonstrating what each control does. I'm currently reducing the number of cel shader controls a bit as some of the options are best left as static values in the blueprint, but Epic say that we can do updates post-release! Hooray!

                Edit: the settings are "Before tonemapping", "After tonemapping" and "Before translucency". Not hugely clear what each one means in relation to the others. Anyway:

                Before tonemapping (normal):

                After tonemapping:

                That looks evil as hell. I think the colour is coming from the Distant Overbright control. Yup, it's the overbright. You can do some surprisingly cool stuff with it, e.g. make it bright and make it start way further back:

                Our pirate looks particularly badass:

                Things can get pretty funky:

                So that all looked pretty good. But what about "Before translucency"? Here's a shot:

                This just looks terrible. The water still looks good because there's a lot that goes into the water shader - an approximation of specularity (UE doesn't do this for translucent materials), some distortion, some depth-based colour, some depth-based opacity, etc. The smoke material has had no such effort applied to it as it's just meant to be simple and fast. End result, looks bad.
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                  great reply should post some images of it applied to some sci-fi scenes i think you would get even more interest with a variety of examples


                    Try it out with the Sci Fi hallway example content. I don't have it set up anymore but it came out quite good! It also looks great with the hang glider demo after some tweaking.

                    I'll get it set up again and some shots soon!
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                      Hell I am buying this just to do some arty-fartsy story boards and renders for another project. Could even use it for a printed game manual or even a graphic novel if you don't want to use it in a game.
                      Quinton Delpeche
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                        The graphic novel thing is a really good idea! You could do something really low-fi.


                          Love the pack - it's exactly what I'm looking for!
                          I've downloaded the early version, since I'm a Games Tech student looking to use it in my technical demo (if it gets to the point that the game is publishable, I'll buy the pack!), but I'm having problems getting it to work.

                          I set the CelShaderAnime as a blendable on my post processing object, but it seemingly has no effect. Unfortunately, I'm too much of a newbie to know if it's a bug or I'm doing something wrong (I only started with the engine last week), so I'd appreciate it if you could help a fan out
                          If it helps at all, I'm using the third person template from scratch.


                            Make sure you've checked "unbound" so that it becomes global. Here's what mine look like:


                              It's been a really long time since I tried to release a build of the sample content - would any of you mind checking this out and telling me if it's working OK for you?

                    !eY131DhY!0niRBM...vtMcMSmZvITcGk - 180MB

                              Thanks in advance!


                                The sample content works great - you appear to have floating columns underwater by the ship, though

                                Unfortunately, my postprocessing volume looks exactly the same as that...

                                I think the issue may be that the files themselves aren't being imported - the only way for me to even view them in the content browser is to copy and paste the folder into the content directory, and the preview images are blank. Should this be the case, or might it be a problem with the download?

                                Thanks for trying to help
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