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WIP, RPG Inventory, Craft, Vendor

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    WIP, RPG Inventory, Craft, Vendor

    Still a work in progress. Hope to release soon.


    • Move items, drag and drop
    • Stack items, drag and drop
    • Split stack, Hold Alt + drag item open slot
    • Swap Item slots, drag and drop (if stackable and has room will stack)
    • Right click item for action menu + Window option menu ‘Cog’ icon by close button.
      • Options depend on which menu and/or Item right clicked and if item supports the option
      • Right click menu: Use, Equip/unequip, Deposit crafting material (if using player bank), Inspect, Salvage (if you have salvage kits available), move item to: (bank or storage container to inventory or inventory to bank), assemble (if you have all the parts), Drop, cancel
      • Options menu: Show quality, Deposit crafting materials (all), reorganize, cancel
    • Quick move item in inventory to 1st available storage container with open slots, Hold Shift and Left click item.
    • Double click to use item

    Item Types
    • Salvage kits, various quality to break down items to crafting components (double click kit then click on item 2 salvage)
    • Assemble items, collect all parts to create new item, as many parts as you want (double click any part to assemble)
    • Storage containers, configurable size. Same item renamed on acquire to be unique.
    • Treasure Containers, double click to get treasure. Can hold any item type or configurable
    • Currency, as many types.
    • Junk
    • Recipe, double click to learn
    • Consumable, health potion etc.

    Player bank
    • Double clicking anything in bank or storage container will move it to main inventory (except storage containers, they will open)

    • Must learn recipes 1st
    • Option to use station or not
    • Will utilize components from inventory, bank or any storage container

    • Currency type configurable
    • Can Sell unique items
    • Toggle ability to sell

    • Enemy treasure drop
    • World item pickup
    • World chest intractable.

    Version 2 features:
    Multiplayer, craft Que, craft timed progression ( instead of instant, as option), optional weight, resource gathering, option in crafting window instead of icons show as list, storage bags that can only store specific item types.

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